Bitcoin Staking Arrives on Cosmos Hub: Transforming Security and Utility

Hold onto your crypto hats! Bitcoin staking is setting foot on Cosmos Hub, marking a groundbreaking collaboration with Informal Systems. This powerful pairing aims to revolutionize the Cosmos Hub into a multi-asset security powerhouse, fueled by ATOM, BTC, and a constellation of ecosystem tokens. Buckle up for enhanced security, exciting new revenue streams, and a potential regulatory game-changer for the crypto landscape.

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Bitcoin and an ETF banner in the background

Major Bitcoin Shift Anticipated with ETF Custody Address Activity

Brace yourselves, crypto enthusiasts! A significant Bitcoin transfer is expected as U.S. markets open on January 29. An estimated 12,504 BTC, valued at roughly $525 million, will be on the move across various ETF custody addresses. This news, shared by analyst @EmberCN, has sparked discussions about potential implications for the crypto market.

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Keyboard with "Email" and "Mt Gox" written on it

Mt. Gox Saga Inches Closer to Closure As Liquidator Requests Email Verification

Mt. Gox, the infamous cryptocurrency exchange that shuttered its doors in 2014 after a massive Bitcoin hack, is taking another step towards resolving its long-standing legal battle and reimbursing its creditors. According to information circulating on Reddit, the exchange recently sent emails to users requesting verification of their Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payout addresses.

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A pair of scissors and a hand holding bitcoin

Glassnode Estimates Bitcoin’s Halving Date

Bitcoin halving is an important event for the crypto market for obvious reasons. Here’s the estimated BTC halving date, according to data from Glassnode

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Bitcoin logo and approval marks

SEC Approves Historic Launch of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Signaling Mainstream Acceptance

In a groundbreaking development, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has officially granted approval for the listing of the inaugural spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in the United States. This landmark decision is set to reshape the landscape of Bitcoin adoption within traditional financial markets. The green light for spot Bitcoin ETFs is anticipated to provide investors with direct exposure to BTC, fostering a new era of accessibility and regulation within the burgeoning Bitcoin market.

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Curve and Zetachain banners

Curve to Integrate ZetaChain for Native BTC Support and Omnichain Swaps

Curve, a decentralized exchange platform for stablecoins, announced that it will integrate ZetaChain, a blockchain that connects everything, for the first native BTC support for cross-chain swaps and omnichain asset pools.

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