Robert Kiyosaki’s Strategy for Building Crypto Wealth: Fractional Cryptocurrency

Robert Kiyosaki, a plane and crypto coins

Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency, surged 5% over the weekend, reaching $67,500. With the Bitcoin halving event just three weeks away, investors are starting to build up their positions in preparation. Famous investor and writer Robert Kiyosaki has stated that he intends to increase his Bitcoin holdings by an extra 10 Bitcoin before April, driven by the upcoming halving event.

Kiyosaki Recommends Buying Bitcoin Fractions

Kiyosaki has expressed optimism about Bitcoin’s prospects, emphasizing the significance of the halving.

The author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has recommended individuals who cannot afford a whole Bitcoin to acquire fractions of the cryptocurrency, such as 1/10 of a coin, using Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) or Satoshis. His counsel reflects his belief that even tiny Bitcoin investments may yield big returns over time.

Kiyosaki is positive about Bitcoin’s structural benefits, estimating that investors might acquire a complete Bitcoin by the end of the year if the cryptocurrency’s mechanisms work as predicted.

‘Fractional investment’ allows investors to acquire tiny amounts of assets, such as stocks and ETFs, making it possible to invest in high-valued assets without having to buy them altogether. This notion is especially recognizable to individuals who have traded cryptocurrency. In contrast to traditional investments, where full units are frequently purchased, it is popular in the cryptocurrency sector to acquire fractions of a digital currency.

Long-Term BTC Price Forecast Advice

Aside from his short-term approach to expanding his Bitcoin holdings, Robert Kiyosaki has provided a positive long-term price forecast, predicting that Bitcoin would reach $100,000 by September 2024.

Furthermore, Kiyosaki encourages his followers not just to invest in Bitcoin but also to diversify their investments by expanding their holdings of gold and silver, pushing for a more comprehensive strategy for wealth protection.

Kiyosaki has predicted that the 66 Bitcoins he owns will skyrocket in value, especially if retirement funds begin to participate in spot market Bitcoin exchange-traded funds.

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