MicroStrategy Purchases 12,000 More BTC Amid Bitcoin’s Price Surge in Discovery Phase

Bitcoin Price analysis

MicroStrategy Inc. (NASDAQ: MSTR) has continued to create perceptible waves amidst increased demand for Bitcoin (BTC) from some of Wall Street’s major financial institutions. MicroStrategy said on Monday during the early New York session that it had completed its prior offering for $800 million due in 2030 with an annual interest rate of 0.625 percent.

MicroStrategy Thrives on Bitcoin Strategy 

MicroStrategy swiftly transferred the assets into Bitcoin to continue its long-term investing strategy. According to the release, MicroStrategy added 12,000 bitcoins worth about $821.7 million, utilizing the sale proceeds and extra cash reserves.

Consequently, MicroStrategy currently owns 205,000 BTCs, bought for about $6.91 billion at an average price of $33,706 per Bitcoin.

With the Bitcoin price in the price discovery phase of the macro bull run, MicroStrategy’s stock market has risen dramatically to a new multi-year high. Since the conclusion of the internet bubble in early 2000, MicroStrategy stock has consolidated and begun a new climb after implementing its Bitcoin trading strategy.

According to the most recent market statistics, MicroStrategy is currently valued at more than $24 billion, and its stock market has increased by more than 500 percent in the last year.

Bitcoin Rallies on Increases Whale Demand

The increased capital inflows to Bitcoin investment products, headed by spot Bitcoin ETFs, have supported the current optimistic outlook. As of this writing, the Bitcoin price has risen more than 3% to almost $72,000. As a result, most cryptocurrency analysts have raised their Bitcoin price estimates for the current bull cycle.

Furthermore, after 40 days after the fourth halving, the Bitcoin price surpassed its previous all-time high. Previously, Bitcoin’s price returned to its all-time high for nearly six months following the halving event.

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