Major Cryptocurrencies Experience Positive Shift


Major cryptocurrency currencies have shown a favorable trend during the previous 24 hours. Bitcoin (BTC), the top cryptocurrency, neared $68,000, while smaller altcoins saw huge gains. Ethereum’s price has risen beyond $3,900. Meanwhile, several top-tier cryptocurrencies, such as Solana (SOL), XRP, and Cardano (ADA), saw huge price gains.

Rise in BTC and ETH Prices

Bitcoin’s price has remained over $67,000 following its latest comeback. BTC’s price hit $67,129.10 on Friday, March 8, a 1.75% gain from when the story was written. In contrast, trade volume declined by 32.72% to $44.65 billion in the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency has a market value of $1.31 trillion. Looking at cryptocurrencies, Ethereum’s price increased by 3.17% to $3,901.20, with a market capitalization of $468.61 billion.

ETH’s trading volume declined by 36.46% to $21.70 billion. Meanwhile, Binance Coin’s (BNB) price rose 9.69% to $470.13. Additionally, 24-hour trading volume increased by 7.68% to $3.51 billion. Solana’s price remained over $140. SOL’s price rose by 4.22% to $144.54.

SOL’s trading volume fell by 1.01% to $5.97 billion in the previous 24 hours. XRP’s price surged above $0.62 during the rebound. The XRP price jumped by 1.31% to $0.6268. However, XRP’s trading volume plummeted by 23.05%, reaching $2.17 billion.

Current State of Meme Tokens

Furthermore, Cardano’s price increased by 0.63% today, reaching $0.7391. ADA’s 24-hour trading volume decreased by 29.69% to $848.08 million. Popular meme tokens rose in price alongside major cryptocurrency values. Dogecoin’s price jumped by 8.19% to $0.1647, while Shiba Inu’s price rose by 8.02% to $0.00003358.

Pepe Coin (PEPE), a popular meme coin, is up more than 13% today. At the time of writing, Pepe Coin’s price has risen by 13.55% to $0.000007731, with a market capitalization of $3.25 billion. In comparison, 24-hour trading volume fell by 41.44% to $1.67 billion.

The renowned meme currency Floki (FLOKI) increased by 35% and was one of the day’s top crypto gainers. During the report, FLOKI’s price increased by 35.16% to $0.0001705. Additionally, its trading volume increased by 1.39% to $666.67 million. Moreover, FLOKI reached a high level of $0.000173 amidst the recent rally.

Author: Simeon

Simeon is a seasoned crypto writer with a passion for exploring the fascinating world of blockchain and digital currencies. With a background in finance and technology, Simeon brings a unique perspective to his writing, delving into the complexities of decentralized finance, cryptocurrency trading, and emerging blockchain projects.