Uniswap address

Uniswap Labs Introduces 𝙪𝙣𝙞.𝙚𝙩 as Unique Web3 Username

Uniswap Labs has unveiled a game-changing update, bidding farewell to 0x addresses and ushering in 𝙪𝙣𝙞.𝙚𝙩 – a unique web3 username. This transition simplifies crypto transactions and fosters web3 profile building, enhancing user experience and accessibility in the decentralized ecosystem.

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Ebay signboard stamped NFT

eBay Rethinks NFT Strategy Amid Web3 Team Layoffs

eBay is reportedly reassessing its approach to NFTs after making significant cuts to its Web3 division. According to NFTgators, more than 30% of the Web3 team has been laid off, including Stef Jay, the business and strategy officer. The relationship between eBay and KnownOrigin, a previously acquired NFT marketplace, has deteriorated, leading to the departure of David Moore, one of Knownorigin’s founders. As a result, eBay has suspended all digital art initiatives.

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YUGA Labs and PROOF banners

Yuga Labs Acquires PROOF, Expanding Web3 Lifestyle and Media Portfolio

Yuga Labs, a leading web3 lifestyle and media company, has acquired PROOF, including its PROOF Collective and Moonbirds collection, in a strategic move to solidify…

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Jambophone and Aptos banner

Aptos Foundation Introduces JamboPhone to Enhance Web3 Access in Emerging Markets

The Aptos Foundation, in collaboration with Web3 application Jambo, has introduced the JamboPhone, priced at $99 and now accessible in over 40 countries/regions. This initiative aims to democratize access to the digital economy, particularly targeting users in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. A partnership tweet highlights the joint efforts of Aptos and Jambos to enhance Web3 accessibility in emerging markets, with the JamboPhone serving as a pivotal tool equipped with @PetraWallet and the JamboApp, providing direct access to the Aptos ecosystem and beyond.

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A person with face in his hands outside an office building

Polygon Labs Laid Off 60 People, Accounting for 19% of its Team

Polygon Labs CEO announces 19% workforce reduction (60 employees) to achieve greater agility and efficiency. Polygon Ventures (P2 Ventures) and Polygon ID become independent entities. Remaining team receives 15% compensation increase and new leveling system.

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OKX Integrates Bitcoin Stamps, Atomicals, Doginals and Runes

Leading Web3 platform OKX is expanding its support for inscription standards, integrating Bitcoin’s SRC-20 (Stamps) in early February and ARC-20 (Atomicals), DRC-20 (Doginals) and Runes later in the month. This move aims to simplify access and trading for these emerging token standards within the OKX ecosystem.

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Devin Finzer, Opensea CEO and the Opensea logo

OpenSea Eyes Potential Acquisitions, Leaving its Crypto Future Uncertain

The world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, might be changing hands. CEO Devin Finzer revealed they’ve received acquisition interest and remain open to the possibility, though actively seeking buyers. This news sends ripples through the already volatile crypto space, leaving questions about OpenSea’s future leadership and the broader NFT landscape.

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Hashkey signboard with three dollar symbols

Hong Kong Crypto Firm HashKey Secures $100 Million, Vaults Past Unicorn Mark

Hong Kong’s crypto unicorn just galloped into a new pasture! HashKey Group, boasting the city’s second licensed exchange, secured a cool $100 million, catapulting its value past $1.2 billion. With venture capital, staking, and even NFTs in its saddlebag, HashKey is poised to dominate the digital asset race in Asia, leaving rivals in the dust. Buckle up, the crypto Wild West just got even wilder.

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Binance and Memeland images titled: Binance Labs Backs Memecoin

Binance Labs Backs Memecoin, the Meme Coin by 9GAG’s Web3 Venture Studio

Binance Labs backs Memecoin, the meme coin by 9GAG’s Web3 venture studio Memeland, which is also Binance’s 39th new launchpool project.

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Hand drawn on Binance banner titled Top 5

2023: A Year of Blazing Trails for BNB Chain

BNB Chain, 2023, DeFi, NFTs, dApps, DAOs, Metaverse, blockchain, cryptocurrency, innovation, disruption, finance, technology, decentralization, community, growth, challenges, regulation, future

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