Bitget Wallet Gears Up To Launch Native Token — BWB

Bitget wallet

Bitget Wallet, a well-known non-custodial wallet, is about to shake up the Web3 market with the upcoming debut of its native token, BWB. The non-custodial wallet presently has more than 12 million users worldwide.

Bitget Wallet Teases BWB Launch

The site teased the introduction of BWB with a captivating trailer. Furthermore, according to Wu Blockchain’s article on X, Bitget Wallet intends to use BWB in vampire attacks against popular Web3 wallets like MetaMask. This daring step demonstrates Bitget Wallet’s intention to establish itself as a formidable competitor in the cryptocurrency sector.

Furthermore, Wu Blockchain stated that the legendary BWB debut might occur this month. According to the video shared on X, the BWB cryptocurrency will use the same design as the Bitget and Bitget Wallet brand logos. The announcement was welcomed with enthusiasm by Bitget Wallet users. Furthermore, people commented on the platform’s X article, stating that they are excitedly “waiting” for the BWB debut.

Bitget Wallet’s growth began in March 2023, when its parent company, Bitget, a renowned crypto derivatives trading platform, made a $30 million strategic investment in BitKeep, eventually obtaining a majority interest. The funding sparked a revolutionary path for BitKeep, culminating in its renaming as Bitget Wallet in August of that year.

BGB Price Rebounds

Bitget, a worldwide crypto derivatives market and Web3 pioneer, has repeatedly displayed a dedication to user security. Furthermore, the issuance of the Protection Fund Valuation Report for December 2023 marked a significant milestone, with the fund reaching an all-time high of $424 million.

The Bitget Token (BGB) rebounded significantly following the news, after seeing a large fall earlier today. Although the BGB cryptocurrency remained down at the time of writing, it had rebounded from a low of $0.8643. At press time, the Bitget Token price dropped by 0.29% to $0.9011, with a market capitalization of $1.26 billion.

On the contrary, Bitget’s native cryptocurrency had a 38.12% increase in 24-hour trading volume, hitting $49.72 million. Despite the current drop, BGB has a one-month gain of more than 34%, thanks to advances in mid-February. Moreover, it reached an all-time high of $1.15 during that period.

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