Buterin and a robot representing AI

Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Sees AI-Assisted Use Case for Bug Detection

In a recent post on X, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin expressed his enthusiasm for the potential application of artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing the formal verification of code and the detection of bugs. Buterin highlighted the critical importance of addressing technical risks within the Ethereum ecosystem, particularly the prevalence of bugs in code, which he identified as one of the network’s most significant challenges. The prospect of leveraging AI to assist in the formal verification process represents a promising development for Ethereum and the broader blockchain community.

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Bitcoin Staking Arrives on Cosmos Hub: Transforming Security and Utility

Hold onto your crypto hats! Bitcoin staking is setting foot on Cosmos Hub, marking a groundbreaking collaboration with Informal Systems. This powerful pairing aims to revolutionize the Cosmos Hub into a multi-asset security powerhouse, fueled by ATOM, BTC, and a constellation of ecosystem tokens. Buckle up for enhanced security, exciting new revenue streams, and a potential regulatory game-changer for the crypto landscape.

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Airdrop and a man in hood

A Suspected Airdrop Hunter Made $1.17 Million from The JUP Airdrop

An airdrop hunter, leveraging 9,246 wallets, extracted $1.17 million from the JUP airdrop, raising concerns about potential exploits and the need for robust anti-fraud measures in future airdrop designs.
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A hacker in the background of the Abracadabra Finance website image

Hacker Drains $6.4 Million From Abracadabra Finance in a Recent Security Breach

Abracadabra Finance, a DeFi platform, has suffered a security breach resulting in a loss of over $6.4 million. The attack exploited a flaw in the platform’s smart contract, allowing the attackers to borrow tokens without collateral.

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Callisto banner

Callisto Network Leads Decentralization in the Blockchain Space

Callisto Network is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain platform that prioritizes security and decentralization. It aims to create a truly decentralized ecosystem by implementing a community-owned treasury system and promoting community-driven governance through its on-chain democracy model. With over 335 smart contract audits, Callisto Network has demonstrated its commitment to securing the blockchain industry.

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Blockchain illustration of blue blocks linked together

What is a Blockchain And How Does It Work As Technological Masterpiece?

Dive into the intricate world of blockchain, where threads of decentralization weave a tapestry of trust. Unravel the complexities of this revolutionary technology, exploring its origins, key components, and its transformative impact on diverse industries.

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Blackrock CEO with an ethereum coin behind him

BlackRock Boss Bets on Ethereum, Says Tokenization is The Future of Finance

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is bullish on Ethereum and tokenization, stating that he sees value in an Ethereum ETF and believes it’s a stepping stone towards a future built on tokenized assets.

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Wise token qwl stabbed with a sword and a flawed code in the background

Wise Lending Exploited for $464K Through Share Accounting Flaw

A flaw in Wise Lending’s share accounting logic gifted 177 ETH (~$464K) to the attacker, raising concerns about DexFi platform security and reinforcing the need for robust vulnerability assessments.

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Slowmist and Twitter icons and a fishing hook

SlowMist Warns of Phishing Links Targeting Twitter Users

A blockchain security firm alerts users to beware of malicious links that start with api.twitter[.]com, which can hijack their Twitter accounts and spread phishing messages.

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