Martii ‘Sirius’ Malmi Releases Satoshi Nakamoto’s Email History: Key Insights Revealed

Martii ‘Sirius’ Malmi’s release of Satoshi Nakamoto’s email history offers invaluable insights into the early development and vision of Bitcoin, providing researchers and enthusiasts with a deeper understanding of its origins and principles.

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SOLANA and FILECOIN logos with a blockchain depiction in the background

Filecoin Integrates with Solana: Enhancing Blockchain Reliability

Filecoin’s recent integration with Solana marks a significant move towards enhancing the reliability and scalability of the blockchain. Solana’s adoption of Filecoin aims to make block history more accessible and usable for various stakeholders, leveraging Filecoin’s decentralized storage capabilities.

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Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey and a Bitcoin logo

Bank of England Governor Slams Bitcoin as Inefficient Payment Method

In a blunt assessment, Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey poured cold water on Bitcoin’s ambitions as a mainstream payment method, declaring it “not taking off” due to its inherent inefficiency. His comments reignite the debate about Bitcoin’s viability as a daily transaction currency and highlight the challenges it faces in achieving widespread adoption.

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Hand drawn on Binance banner titled Top 5

2023: A Year of Blazing Trails for BNB Chain

BNB Chain, 2023, DeFi, NFTs, dApps, DAOs, Metaverse, blockchain, cryptocurrency, innovation, disruption, finance, technology, decentralization, community, growth, challenges, regulation, future

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Ordinals DDos Attack written beside Bitcoin logo

Ordinals Website Hit by First DDoS Attack, NFT Minting Disrupted

The Ordinals project, pioneering the controversial minting of NFTs directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain, faced its first major hurdle today as a coordinated DDoS attack crippled its website. The attack, aimed at overwhelming the Ordinals infrastructure with junk traffic, caused widespread service disruptions and effectively halted the minting process for new Ordinal NFTs.

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Bitcoin SV banner

Bitcoin SV Surges 65% in a Day as Korean Traders Pile In

Bitcoin SV (BSV) unleashed a jaw-dropping 65% rally in a single day, leaving onlookers bewildered and market analysts scrambling for explanations. Fueled by a sudden surge in buying pressure from South Korean traders, the once-beleaguered cryptocurrency catapulted from $42 to a dizzying high of $69 before settling back slightly. The unexpected eruption fueled speculation about renewed interest in BSV’s contentious hard fork of Bitcoin and its claims of superior scalability and transaction processing power. However, some remain cautious, attributing the surge to potential market manipulation or short-squeeze dynamics within the Korean exchanges.

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