Martii ‘Sirius’ Malmi Releases Satoshi Nakamoto’s Email History: Key Insights Revealed


Martii ‘Sirius’ Malmi’s release of Satoshi Nakamoto’s email history offers invaluable insights into the early development and vision of Bitcoin, providing researchers and enthusiasts with a deeper understanding of its origins and principles.

Martii ‘Sirius’ Malmi, one of Satoshi Nakamoto’s earliest collaborators, has made a significant contribution to the archives of Bitcoin’s mysterious creator by releasing their entire email history. Spanning 120 pages, this release sheds new light on Nakamoto’s thoughts and intentions during the early days of Bitcoin.

Here are the key insights of their communication:

  1. Scaling Vision: Satoshi speculated that the Bitcoin network could potentially accommodate up to 100,000 nodes in the future, detailing the calculation and economic implications of such scalability.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Contrary to popular belief, Satoshi believed that Bitcoin mining would be less energy-intensive compared to traditional banking systems.
  3. Non-Monetary Use: Nakamoto foresaw at least one non-monetary use for Bitcoin, particularly in the realm of time-stamping.
  4. Comparison with DigiCash: Satoshi discussed the differences between Bitcoin and David Chaum’s failed e-money system, DigiCash, highlighting Bitcoin’s unique attributes.
  5. Break from Bitcoin: By July 2009, Satoshi expressed fatigue and the need for a break from Bitcoin, also explaining Hal Finney’s absence from the project.
  6. Adoption Strategy: Satoshi discussed strategies for Bitcoin adoption, emphasizing its accessibility through mining on personal computers.
  7. Monetary Donations: In June 2010, someone offered to donate $2,000 to Satoshi for his Bitcoin work, which was redirected to Martii’s address.
  8. Perception of Bitcoin: Satoshi considered Bitcoin as “free” for early users and worked on it even on Christmas day.
  9. Trade with Internet Currencies: Nakamoto envisioned Bitcoin as a means to trade other internet currencies like Liberty Reserve, which was later shut down by the US authorities.
  10. Removal of Anonymity: Satoshi removed the language describing Bitcoin as “anonymous” from, expressing concern that it could make Bitcoin appear “shady.”
  11. Appreciation for Gavin Andresen: Satoshi held Gavin Andresen in high regard, praising him while referring to others as “goofballs.”
  12. Departure from Project: Despite historical revisionism, the emails reveal that Satoshi did not explicitly mention his intention to step back from the Bitcoin project when communicating with other developers.

Author: Jinka

Jinka is a self-trained crypto journalist, passionate about happenings in the industry.