Bitcoins and its all-time high chart

Bitcoin Miners Sell While ETF Investors Get Trapped Amid Market Crash

Bitcoin (BTC) is experiencing a significant price decline, and gold backer Peter Schiff has reignited discussions among cryptocurrency aficionados. This time, he criticized US-based spot Bitcoin ETFs, alleging that their purchasers are compelled to “desperately watch” during collapses owing to restricted liquidity in comparison to the global Bitcoin market, which operates 24/7.

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USDC banner and coin minting image

250 Million USDC Minting Event Recorded on Solana Blockchain

WhaleAlert reported a substantial transaction on the Solana blockchain involving the minting of 250,000,000 USDC tokens, equivalent to 249,470,000 USD, at the USDC Treasury. The transaction, timestamped Sun, 10 Mar 2024 22:06:37 UTC, underscores a significant infusion of stablecoins into circulation.

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Bitcoin Orderbook Insights Point Towards Imminent ATHs, Analysts Say

Bitcoin Munger’s analysis of Bitcoin orderbooks reveals intriguing insights into market dynamics, with sellers shifting liquidity to the $70,000 level while sidelined buyers await lower price levels. Munger predicts imminent all-time highs as Bitcoin’s bullish momentum continues to gain traction.

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The SEC banner and gavel

SEC Adopts New Rule to Regulate Crypto Market Participants

The SEC’s new rule tightens its grip on the crypto market by requiring significant market makers, including those dealing with cryptocurrencies, to comply with federal securities laws. This move has implications for transparency, investor protection, and the evolving DeFi landscape.

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Bitcoin and a pressure measuring barometer

Coinbase Analysts See Reduced Pressure on Bitcoin, Potential Q2 Relief from Fed Policy

Coinbase analysts see lessened downward pressure on Bitcoin due to GBTC sell-off and anticipate potential support for Bitcoin and other tokens in Q2 2024 due to the expected Fed policy shift towards easing. However, they acknowledge the inherent uncertainties surrounding the cryptocurrency market and the long-term implications of the Fed’s policy decisions.

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Coinbase banner and Bitcoin SV logo beside a thrash can

Coinbase Discontinues Support for Bitcoin SV (BSV), Liquidates User Holdings

Coinbase liquidates and removes Bitcoin SV (BSV) from its platform, concluding support and converting user holdings to another unspecified digital asset. This move further emphasizes the evolving nature of crypto offerings and Coinbase’s strategic selection of assets based on internal criteria.

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Bitcoin and an ETF emblem

Four Bitcoin Spot ETFs See Unprecedented 14-Day Inflow Streak, But Grayscale Flounders

Four Bitcoin spot ETFs – iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund (FBTC), ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB), and Bitwise Bitcoin ETF (BITB) – have recorded remarkable consistency, attracting inflows for all of their first 14 trading days. This stands in stark contrast to the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which has experienced daily outflows since its conversion into an ETF.

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A cat in a spacesuit

Jupiter Team Addresses Concerns About its Public Token Sale

Jupiter co-founder Meow responded to community concerns regarding the large-scale public sale of tokens by the team on their listing day. He clarified several key points:

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Airdropping packages with parachutes

Shimmer Launches $1 Million Airdrop to Boost ShimmerEVM Ecosystem

The Shimmer Growth Committee is incentivizing participation in the ShimmerEVM ecosystem with a massive airdrop of over $1 million worth of Shimmer tokens. Starting January…

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wOO BANNER, a hand holding a bag of money and some cash in the background below them

WOO Raises $9 Million from Market Makers to Expand Its Crypto Trading Platform

WOO, a crypto trading platform that connects retail and institutional traders with deep liquidity pools, has announced that it has raised $9 million from market maker investors, including Wintermute, one of the largest liquidity providers in the crypto space. The funding will be used to fuel WOO’s global market expansion, enhance its product suite, and obtain regulatory licenses in key markets. WOO’s co-founder, Jack Tan, stated that the main purpose of the fundraising is to align the interests of liquidity providers with the platform, rather than raising capital. He said that WOO aims to provide a transparent, fair, and efficient trading experience for all users, regardless of their size or location.

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