Jupiter Team Addresses Concerns About its Public Token Sale

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“While alternative methods offered easier financial gain, we chose this path to prioritize airdrop recipients and future buyers. By accepting risk and lowering the sale ratio, we aim to establish a fair market dynamic that benefits everyone, not just the team. This experiment could redefine launch models for the entire crypto ecosystem.”

Minimal Financial Gain

Jupiter co-founder Meow responded to community concerns regarding the large-scale public sale of tokens by the team on their listing day. He clarified several key points:

Reduced Sale Ratio: The initial 20% sale was decreased to 2.5%, demonstrating the team’s commitment to minimizing their immediate financial gain.

Alternative Options Available: Traditional methods like IDO or OTC sales could have secured similar funding without the public confusion surrounding the current approach.

Benefits for Airdrop Recipients: The large public pool allows airdrop holders to gradually sell their tokens without crashing the market. Meanwhile, buyers have assurance of sufficient liquidity to accommodate potential selling pressure.

A User-Cenric Approach to Token Launches

Team Takes Risk: Unlike traditional sales, the team faces uncertainty regarding their final earnings, prioritizing the community and early adopters.

Market Forces, Not Team, Set High Value: Despite lowering the offering from 20% to 2.5%, the actual price is determined by market demand.

Experiment for the Future: Jupiter aims to establish a user-centric approach to token launches, balancing team needs, early buyers, and long-term holders. They acknowledge potential flaws and embrace experimentation for the benefit of the entire crypto ecosystem.

Author: Jinka

Jinka is a self-trained crypto journalist, passionate about happenings in the industry.