Microstrategy banner and latest bitcoin acquisition

MicroStrategy Buys Additional 3,000 BTC

MicroStrategy, a prominent player in the business intelligence sector, has recently bolstered its Bitcoin holdings with the acquisition of an additional 3,000 BTC. This move,…

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Japanese flag and cryptocurrencies

Japan Approves Venture Capital Investment in Cryptocurrency Projects

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has approved a proposal allowing investment business limited liability partnerships (LPS) to include cryptocurrency assets in their acquired and held assets. This significant shift enables Japanese venture capital (VC) firms to invest directly in projects issuing only cryptocurrencies, reducing barriers for Web3 startups. The amendment, expected to be submitted to parliament, signals a progressive approach to fostering innovation and investment in the cryptocurrency space.

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AI and ChatGPT banner

The Most Recent Advancements in AI: A Comprehensive Overview

In a momentous day for AI, OpenAI unveils Sora, a text-to-video AI model revolutionizing the creation of 60-second videos from text prompts. Google introduces Gemini 1.5 with a 1 million token context window, elevating language model capabilities. Meta releases V-JEPA to understand videos, while Slack integrates generative AI features. CodeSignal introduces CodeSignal Learn with ‘Cosmo,’ and X incorporates Grok for contextualized topic summaries. Concerns arise over student data use by the University of Michigan, while Microsoft invests $3.44 billion in Germany’s AI infrastructure. LangChain launches LangSmith and secures $25 million Series A, while Magic raises $117 million for AI code generation.

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Founders' Fund banner and bitcoin

Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund Invested $200 Million in Bitcoin and ETH

Founders Fund, led by tech investor Peter Thiel, reportedly invested $200 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum last year, a move suggesting continued belief in the potential of cryptocurrencies despite recent market downturns. This news could boost investor confidence, but caution and individual research remain crucial in the volatile crypto space.

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New Zealand Central Bank Governor Warns About Stablecoins

New Zealand Central Bank Governor Adrian Orr issued a strong warning against cryptocurrencies, particularly stablecoins, calling them the ‘biggest misnomer’ and emphasizing that their value depends entirely on the assets and liabilities of their issuer, raising concerns about their stability and suitability as a form of currency.

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Thai flag and cryptocurrencies

Thailand Exempts Digital Asset Transactions from Value-Added Tax, Aiming to Become a Hub

Thailand’s Ministry of Finance eliminates the 7% VAT on digital asset transactions, aiming to establish the country as a leading center for the industry. This policy change, effective January 1, 2024, with no expiration date, seeks to attract investment and stimulate market growth, while potential long-term impacts on tax revenue and regulations warrant further observation.

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Cardano and Blockfrost banners and arms in a handshake

Cardano and Blockfrost Join Forces for Better Infrastructure

In a move poised to propel Cardano’s scalability and empower developers, Cardano, the innovative proof-of-stake blockchain platform, has joined forces with Blockfrost, a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure solutions. This strategic partnership promises to revolutionize the Cardano ecosystem, offering developers a robust suite of tools and streamlined infrastructure to fuel groundbreaking applications.

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WIF meme of a puppy with a hat on its head

Dogecoin-Inspired WIF Token Rallies On Solana Blockchain, Eyes $1 in 2024

In the ever-churning meme coin waters, a new canine challenger has emerged with a mighty yap: Dogecoin WIF (WIF). This Solana-based pup has unleashed a 90% price surge in just a month, leaving investors scratching their heads and asking, “Who let the WIF out?”

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A Trojan illustrated beside an Apple logo

Kaspersky Uncovers Mac Malware That Can Steal Crypto Passwords

Apple users have been urged to be vigilant as cybersecurity firm Kaspersky reports a verified macOS exploit targeting the latest operating system version. The exploit is designed to deceive Exodus wallet users into unwittingly downloading a fraudulent version of the software. The malware targets macOS versions 13.6 and above, Intel or Apple Silicon devices are highly vulnerable.

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Tesla car with a bitcoin and Tesla logos by its sides

Tesla Has Had No Bitcoin Activity as Q4 Results Roll In

In a report revealing continued stability with a touch of conservatism, electric vehicle giant Tesla showcased its fourth-quarter 2023 financial results. While headlines focused on the $25.2 billion in revenue and $2.1 billion operating profit, a more understated detail caught the eye of crypto enthusiasts: Tesla held its ground on Bitcoin, neither buying nor selling any throughout the quarter.

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