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Lookonchain Analyzes Suspected Justin Sun Address Significant Crypto Transactions

Lookonchain reports significant cryptocurrency transactions associated with a suspected address linked to Justin Sun. Over the past 32 hours, the address purchased 54,721 ETH, valued at $154.4 million, and made substantial withdrawals and deposits

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Celsius banner with a miniture bullion van

Celsius Network Moves Over $35 Million in ETH, Raising Unanswered Questions

Celsius Network, a prominent cryptocurrency lending platform, has transferred a substantial amount of Ethereum (ETH) worth over $1.2 billion, sparking speculation about the motivations behind the move and the ultimate destination of the funds.

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Wise token qwl stabbed with a sword and a flawed code in the background

Wise Lending Exploited for $464K Through Share Accounting Flaw

A flaw in Wise Lending’s share accounting logic gifted 177 ETH (~$464K) to the attacker, raising concerns about DexFi platform security and reinforcing the need for robust vulnerability assessments.

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Arthur Hayes with logos of ETH, GMX and Pendle

BitMEX Founder Dumps ENS, FXS, and LOOKS for ETH, GMX, and PENDLE

Arthur Hayes, the co-founder and former CEO of BitMEX, a leading crypto derivatives exchange, has been selling off his holdings in ENS, FXS, and LOOKS, three Ethereum-based tokens, in the past few days. He reportedly lost more than $5 million, as the prices of these tokens plummeted by more than 50% since their peaks. Hayes then switched to buying ETH, GMX, and PENDLE, three other Ethereum-based tokens, with a total value of about $15 million. Hayes’s trading activity reflects his changing views on the crypto market, as he moves from more speculative and niche tokens to more established and mainstream ones. It also shows his confidence in the Ethereum ecosystem, which hosts the largest number of decentralized applications and users in the crypto space.

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