airdrop depiction and Solana logo

$3.3 Billion Airdrop Bonanza Anticipated in April on Solana’s Unprecedented Liquidity Influx

Solana, a leading blockchain platform, anticipates an unprecedented surge in liquidity during April, driven by a series of highly anticipated airdrops collectively valued at $3.3 billion. Among the projects contributing to this influx are Parcl, W, Kamino Finance, ZEUS, and ionet. These airdrops are expected to inject significant value into the Solana ecosystem, with each project distributing a portion of its token supply to participants.

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Wormhole airdrop

Decentralized Cross-Chain Protocol Wormhole Initiates Airdrop Inquiry

The cross-chain protocol Wormhole has commenced inquiries for an airdrop, offering its native token W. Approximately 6.17% (617,305,000) of W tokens will be disbursed, reaching 397,704 wallet addresses. Wormhole, a leading interoperability platform, facilitates multichain applications and bridges, serving as the backbone of Web3.

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