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Arcade Phase 2 of The Clash of Claims: 1,400 Claims Remaining

Phase 2 of The Clash of Claims is reaching its final stage, with 1,400 claims remaining for participants to secure their share of ARCD tokens. As the claiming process progresses, individuals are encouraged to act swiftly to access the designated website and claim their allocation before Phase 2 concludes.

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Crypto Rover

Influencer Crypto Rover Accused of Pump-and-Dump and Breach of Contract

An investigation has been launched into influencer Crypto Rover for alleged misconduct in promoting projects, misleading followers, and engaging in pump and dump schemes. In May 2023, Rover was contracted to promote a project but failed to fulfill his obligations despite receiving payment and a stake in the project. Concerns were raised by community members, including @Bravercrypto, highlighting the suspicious behavior observed in Rover’s actions. The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the risks of unethical behavior in the cryptocurrency industry.

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JOHN RATCLIFF and image of Bitcoin logo depicting developmental stage

John W. Ratcliff Debunks Misconceptions About Bitcoin, Highlights Satoshi’s Genius

John W. Ratcliff’s recent Twitter posts sparked debate about Satoshi Nakamoto’s contributions to Bitcoin’s foundational technologies. Ratcliff argued that while Satoshi didn’t invent individual components like proof of work or elliptic key signatures, his true genius lay in integrating these technologies to create the innovative Bitcoin network.

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A computer in a dark room with the Binance logo showing on the screen

Binance Denies User Data Leak, Assures Users of Account Security

Responding to concerns on social media, Binance denies a user data leak involving KYC information, assuring users of account security and attributing the claims to unfounded speculation. However, questions linger regarding the source of the alleged leak and its potential connection to previous security incidents.

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Elon Musk and two dogecoins

Tech Mogul Elon Musk’s Twitter Takes a Playful Turn Towards Dogecoin

Tech titan Elon Musk has taken a playful turn on Twitter by delving into the world of Dogecoin. This unexpected move by Musk, known for his ventures in electric vehicles and space exploration, has sparked curiosity and excitement among his followers.

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Whale leaping out of the water and the word "Alert"

WhaleAlert’s Twitter Updating Just Crashed Due to Whale Movements Overload

WhaleAlert, the popular blockchain tracker known for its real-time updates on large cryptocurrency transactions, is facing temporary service disruptions due to a surge in whale activity. The platform is currently experiencing difficulties posting to Twitter, potentially triggered by hitting platform rate limits caused by the increased volume of high-value transactions.

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SEC logo and twitter icon with the word "hack" witten on it

The SEC’s Twitter Account Breach and The Lesson in Cybersecurity

In a recent development, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) acknowledged a security breach involving its official Twitter account, @SECGov. The incident, occurring earlier this week, did not compromise the SEC’s internal systems but rather involved an unauthorized individual gaining control of a phone number associated with the account through a third party.

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Slowmist and Twitter icons and a fishing hook

SlowMist Warns of Phishing Links Targeting Twitter Users

A blockchain security firm alerts users to beware of malicious links that start with api.twitter[.]com, which can hijack their Twitter accounts and spread phishing messages.

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