Celsius banner with a miniture bullion van

Celsius Network Moves Over $35 Million in ETH, Raising Unanswered Questions

Celsius Network, a prominent cryptocurrency lending platform, has transferred a substantial amount of Ethereum (ETH) worth over $1.2 billion, sparking speculation about the motivations behind the move and the ultimate destination of the funds.

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Grayscale banner and Bitcoin logo with arrows pointing out to show outflow

Grayscale Continues GBTC Outflows: Another 17,140 BTC Transferred to Coinbase Prime

Grayscale, the world’s largest Bitcoin investment trust, has executed another significant transfer of its holdings, further fueling concerns about potential outflows from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). According to blockchain analytics firm Arkham Intelligence, Grayscale moved 17,140 Bitcoin (BTC) to Coinbase Prime Deposit on January 24th, UTC+8, at approximately 10:17 PM PST.

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STEPN logo and Sneaker with a hand holding the GMT token

STEPN Unlocks $30 Million Worth of GMT Tokens and Sends Them to Unknown Addresses

The Web3 lifestyle app STEPN unlocked 79.2 million GMT tokens on January 8 and transferred most of them to four addresses, which then distributed them further. Some of the recipients sent the tokens to exchanges like Binance, raising questions about the motive behind the move. 

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