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Starkware Co-Founder Assures Community Amid Token Unlocking Concerns

In an exclusive interview with Decrypt, Starkware co-founder Eli Ben-Sasson allays fears surrounding the imminent unlocking of over 1.3 billion STRK tokens, valued at more than $2.15 billion, set for April. Ben-Sasson asserts confidence in the community’s resilience, emphasizing the team’s unwavering dedication to driving the development of Starknet. With a focus on long-term objectives over short-term price fluctuations, Starkware reaffirms its commitment to advancing blockchain technology and fostering a robust ecosystem.

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Starknet Foundation Set to Airdrop 700 Million STRK Tokens to 1.297 Million Wallets

Excitement hangs heavy in the air for both Starknet users and developers as the Starknet Foundation prepares to airdrop over 700 million STRK tokens on February 20th. This massive distribution aims to reward nearly 1.3 million wallets that have contributed to the growth and development of the Starknet ecosystem in various ways.

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StarkNet Airdrop Imminent as Explorer Unveils Data Dashboard

Voyager, the official blockchain explorer, released a data dashboard dedicated to the STRK airdrop. This strongly suggests the much-anticipated distribution of StarkNet’s native token is on the horizon.

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StarkNet Dev Apologizes for Airdrop Hunter Comments

“E-beggar” mea culpa! StarkNet dev abdel swallows his pride, apologizing for harsh airdrop hunter remarks after facing community heat. He says stress from Uri’s StarkWare exit clouded his judgment, but one thing’s clear: StarkNet needs builders, not beggars, to build its future. Did the community forgive his gaffe? Buckle up for the next chapter in the StarkNet saga.

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StarkNet Successfully Validates Cross-Chain Transfers for STRK Tokens on Ethereum

StarkNet, the Ethereum layer-2 scaling network, achieved a breakthrough with a recent cross-chain test featuring its native token, STRK, on the Ethereum Mainnet. Executing six transactions seamlessly between Ethereum Mainnet L1 and StarkNet L2, the test underscored the robust interoperability and security of StarkNet’s zero-knowledge proof technology—a vital stride toward enabling rapid, cost-effective transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

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