Grayscale banner and Bitcoin on an illuminated board with "SELL" written on it

Grayscale Bitcoin Outflows Surge Post-ETF Launch, Signalling Potential Sell-Off Exhaustion?

Grayscale, the world’s largest digital asset manager, has witnessed a significant outflow of Bitcoin (BTC) since the debut of its spot Bitcoin ETF, GBTC, on January 11, 2024. According to blockchain analytics firm Arkham Intelligence, nearly 113,000 BTC have been shifted from Grayscale wallets, primarily to Coinbase Prime, suggesting potential preparation for large-scale selling. This comes amidst declining GBTC trading volume, raising questions about a potential exhaustion of the recent sell-off.

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OKX banner and a bearish chart with the head of a bear

OKB Flash Crash Triggers Bitcoin Dip, Sell-Off Ripples Through Asian Markets

The OKX platform coin, OKB, experienced a sudden and dramatic price plunge on January 23rd, UTC+8, plummeting from $52 to a low of $25 within the afternoon. While the cause remains unclear, the incident triggered a ripple effect across the cryptocurrency market, pushing Bitcoin below $39,000 and leading to significant sell-offs in Asian markets.

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Binance and grayscale banners with a garbage truck dumping bitcoins

Allegations of Binance Dumping Bitcoin to Settle $4.3 Billion Fine

A recent tweet by a crypto analyst has stirred controversy within the bitcoin community, accusing Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, of being a key contributor to the recent downturn in bitcoin’s value. The tweet suggests that Binance has sold over $5 billion worth of bitcoin since the start of the year, ostensibly to cover a substantial fine imposed by US authorities. The tweet, supported by a chart detailing bitcoin’s price and daily net outflows from Binance, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), and the US market, has sparked a lively debate.

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Picture of Trump titled Cashing Out ETH

Former US President Trump’s Team Cashing Out ETH from NFT Sales

Former US President Donald Trump’s team is making a stunning about-face in the world of cryptocurrency, offloading millions of dollars worth of Ethereum (ETH) earned from his controversial NFT collection, the Trump Digital Collectible Cards. This news, revealed by blockchain research firm Arkham, has triggered a wave of speculation about Trump’s true stance on crypto and the future of his NFT venture.

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