Stealer virus image and email

Hackers Target DeFi Users, Over Half a Million Stolen

Cryptocurrency analyst ZachXBT has sounded the alarm on a phishing campaign targeting users with emails masquerading as communications from legitimate DeFi teams like Cointelegraph, Wallet Connect, and Token Terminal. This deceptive scheme has already resulted in losses exceeding $580,000, underlining the ever-present threat of cyberattacks within the cryptocurrency space.

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A hacker in hood and a gaming console

A Developer Described A Common “Game Download Scam”

Discover the intricacies of a subtle yet sophisticated “game download scam” targeting crypto enthusiasts, as a vigilant developer exposes the deceptive tactics employed within the digital asset realm. The scam, camouflaged as a promising job opportunity related to game testing, takes an unsuspecting victim on a perilous journey, eventually leading to a potential compromise of their computer and the theft of sensitive data, including crypto wallets and login credentials.

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A stealer virus image trying to touch the solana logo

Solana Users Lose $4 Million in A Month As Hackers Exploit Vulnerabilities

A chilling shadow has lurked over the Solana network for the past month, as scammers infiltrated over 4,000 wallets, draining them of a staggering $4 million in digital assets, according to data from blockchain security firm ScamSniffer. These attacks exploit vulnerabilities in transaction simulations, highlighting the ever-present need for vigilance in the cryptosphere.

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Slowmist and Twitter icons and a fishing hook

SlowMist Warns of Phishing Links Targeting Twitter Users

A blockchain security firm alerts users to beware of malicious links that start with api.twitter[.]com, which can hijack their Twitter accounts and spread phishing messages.

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CertiK banner and a stealer virus image

CertiK’s Twitter and Discord Accounts Hacked, Users Warned of Phishing Scams

CertiK, a security auditing company for blockchain and smart contracts, has been hacked and its Twitter and Discord accounts were used to post phishing links to steal users’ wallet funds. The company has warned its community and restored its accounts.

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