OKX Integrates Bitcoin Stamps, Atomicals, Doginals and Runes

Leading Web3 platform OKX is expanding its support for inscription standards, integrating Bitcoin’s SRC-20 (Stamps) in early February and ARC-20 (Atomicals), DRC-20 (Doginals) and Runes later in the month. This move aims to simplify access and trading for these emerging token standards within the OKX ecosystem.

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OKX banner and a bearish chart with the head of a bear

OKB Flash Crash Triggers Bitcoin Dip, Sell-Off Ripples Through Asian Markets

The OKX platform coin, OKB, experienced a sudden and dramatic price plunge on January 23rd, UTC+8, plummeting from $52 to a low of $25 within the afternoon. While the cause remains unclear, the incident triggered a ripple effect across the cryptocurrency market, pushing Bitcoin below $39,000 and leading to significant sell-offs in Asian markets.

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OKX BANNER with a token stealer image

OKX Suspends Trading of Sats Token After Fraudulent Orders

OKX, a leading Web3 technology company and cryptocurrency exchange, has halted trading of sats, a BRC-20 token that pays homage to satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. The suspension came after a loophole was discovered in the OKX Web3 Wallet Ordinals trading market, where a large number of fake sats tokens were displayed in pending orders, deceiving unsuspecting buyers.

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Privacy symbol of crossed eye titled: OKX delists privacy coins

OKX to Delist Privacy Coins Amid Regulatory Pressure

In a major blow to crypto privacy, exchange giant OKX announced it will delist popular coins Monero, Zcash, and Dash in early 2024. Citing “concerns over listing criteria” and likely bowing to mounting regulatory pressure, the move sent shockwaves through the crypto community, raising questions about the future of financial anonymity in the digital age.

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