Bitcoin ETF and chart

Gabor Gurbacs Sees Leverage Potential in Bitcoin ETFs, Fueling Institutional Adoption

Bitcoin ETFs allow holders to use Bitcoin as a collateral and gain access to credit and leverage in the traditional markets. The few billion dollars of liquidity that’s coming in today will be nothing compared to what’s coming when more institutions begin to understand this.

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South Korean flag and cryptocurrencies

South Korea Unveils Tough New Crypto Law to Curb Crimes and Protect Users

South Korea takes a strong stance against crypto crime with the “Virtual Asset User Protection Act,” imposing harsh penalties for market manipulation, illegal transactions, and information misuse. This move signifies a commitment to fostering a safe and secure environment for digital asset users.

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Jamie Dimon and a Bitcoin logo

JP Morgan CEO Claims Bitcoin Creator Will Increase Supply

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon has stirred controversy by asserting that Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, will defy the cryptocurrency’s fundamental principles and increase its supply beyond the established limit of 21 million coins. This unexpected claim has triggered outrage within the Bitcoin community, with many dismissing Dimon’s statements as baseless and an attempt to manipulate the market.

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Grayscale and Coinbase banners sprinkled with bitcoins

Grayscale Trust Address Just Moved $1.366 Billion Worth of Bitcoins to Coinbase Prime

Grayscale’s on a Bitcoin bender! Three days, three Bitcoin blizzards, all funneled to Coinbase Prime during peak market hours. A total of 31,638 BTC ($1.366 billion) on the move – is this the ETF catalyst we’ve been yearning for, or a crypto heist in the making? Buckle up, folks, because the plot thickens faster than a blockchain block!

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Blackrock CEO with an ethereum coin behind him

BlackRock Boss Bets on Ethereum, Says Tokenization is The Future of Finance

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is bullish on Ethereum and tokenization, stating that he sees value in an Ethereum ETF and believes it’s a stepping stone towards a future built on tokenized assets.

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Bitcoin logo and 7-day chart

Bitcoin Takes a Wild Ride as ETF Exhilaration Crashes into OTC Boom

Bitcoin’s week has been a dizzying dance between skyrocketing ETF-fueled optimism and sudden sell-offs, leaving investors grasping for answers. While OTC trading hints at institutional excitement, regulatory shadows still loom, making the Bitcoin’s future a thrilling, yet uncertain, spectacle.

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Penguin image titled: Someone just jumped 39 penguins

Someone Just Dumped 39 Penguins for 438 ETH (Approx. $1,02 Million)

CirrusNFT made a tweet that sent shockwaves through the NFT market, reporting a significant Penguin sale. According to him, a collector dumped 39 Pudgy Penguins making more than a million dollars from the sale.

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Bitcoin SV banner

Bitcoin SV Surges 65% in a Day as Korean Traders Pile In

Bitcoin SV (BSV) unleashed a jaw-dropping 65% rally in a single day, leaving onlookers bewildered and market analysts scrambling for explanations. Fueled by a sudden surge in buying pressure from South Korean traders, the once-beleaguered cryptocurrency catapulted from $42 to a dizzying high of $69 before settling back slightly. The unexpected eruption fueled speculation about renewed interest in BSV’s contentious hard fork of Bitcoin and its claims of superior scalability and transaction processing power. However, some remain cautious, attributing the surge to potential market manipulation or short-squeeze dynamics within the Korean exchanges.

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