The SEC banner and gavel

SEC Adopts New Rule to Regulate Crypto Market Participants

The SEC’s new rule tightens its grip on the crypto market by requiring significant market makers, including those dealing with cryptocurrencies, to comply with federal securities laws. This move has implications for transparency, investor protection, and the evolving DeFi landscape.

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banners of grayscale, goldman sachs and blackrock

Goldman Sachs Eyes Bitcoin ETF Market as BlackRock and Grayscale Seek Approval

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the Wall Street giant, is in talks to become a market maker for the bitcoin ETFs that BlackRock Inc. and Grayscale Investments LLC plan to launch in the U.S. The bank, which already offers bitcoin derivatives to its clients, is one of the few institutions that has embraced the cryptocurrency. The ETFs would allow investors to access bitcoin without having to buy or store it directly.

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