Solama Llama

Solama Rises as Leading Meme Coin Candidate on Solana

Solama, a crypto project launched on January 1, 2024, has swiftly gained attention in the competitive world of meme coins. Unlike its counterparts, Solama focuses on utility and innovation, offering practical features and a unique tokenomics structure. Backed by a dedicated team, Solama has passed rigorous technical audits and secured listings on both decentralized and centralized exchanges, signaling its commitment to transparency and growth.

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Ronin and Binance banners

Binance Lists Ronin (RONIN), EVM-Compatible Blockchain for Web3 Gaming

Binance adds Ronin (RONIN) to its trading platform, opening spot trading for RONIN/BTC, RONIN/USDT, RONIN/FDUSD, and RONIN/TRY pairs. This move further connects users to the Web3 gaming blockchain, but comes with a reminder of RONIN’s relative novelty and potential risks.

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Ronin and Binance banners with a marker pen ticking a list on a table

Binance May List RON, Exchange Collects Token From Thousands of Wallets

Binance’s hot wallet tagged (0xb3…AFA3) has collected 137.8k RON from thousands of wallets since January 26th. This behavior has sparked speculation about Binance’s listing of RON, leading to a 15% increase in 24 hours. However, it is more likely that Binance is collecting funds from users who mistakenly deposited RON over the past few years, although this is debatable.

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