Crypto Rover

Influencer Crypto Rover Accused of Pump-and-Dump and Breach of Contract

An investigation has been launched into influencer Crypto Rover for alleged misconduct in promoting projects, misleading followers, and engaging in pump and dump schemes. In May 2023, Rover was contracted to promote a project but failed to fulfill his obligations despite receiving payment and a stake in the project. Concerns were raised by community members, including @Bravercrypto, highlighting the suspicious behavior observed in Rover’s actions. The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the risks of unethical behavior in the cryptocurrency industry.

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FIXED FLOAT banner and a hooded hacker

FixFloat Exchange Reports Major Hack, Loss of Millions in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Cryptocurrency exchange FixFloat has disclosed a significant hack resulting in the loss of 409 Bitcoin (approximately $21.17 million) and 1,728 ETH (approximately $4.85 million). The stolen funds were transferred to suspicious addresses, prompting concerns over the platform’s security. While FixFloat confirmed the breach on Twitter, they have yet to provide detailed information, stating that they are actively working to address vulnerabilities and enhance security measures. Despite the setback, the exchange assures users that their service will soon be operational again, promising further updates on the investigation in due course.

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Solana banner ans an outage symbol

Solana Blockchain Back Up After Nearly 5-Hour Outage, User Activity Resumes

The Solana blockchain experienced a nearly 5-hour outage on February 6th, impacting user activity on the network. While the cause remains under investigation, the network has been successfully restarted, and normal operations have resumed.

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A hacker unlocking a laptop security lock with Trezor written on it

Trezor Investigating Potential Information Exposure After Third-Party Portal Breach

Trezor, the popular hardware wallet provider, is probing a potential security incident following unauthorized access to a third-party portal used for customer support. The company confirmed the incident occurred on January 17, 2024, potentially exposing email addresses and names of customers who interacted with Trezor Support between December 2021 and the date of the breach.

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Banner written: Binance BTC/USDT contract baloons to $420,000

Binance BTC/USDT Contract Briefly Balloons to $420,000

Trading chaos erupted on Binance as the price of its Bitcoin/USDT contract inexplicably surged to $420,000 multiple times, raising concerns about platform stability and sparking confusion among traders.

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