Starknet banner written "coming soon"

StarkNet Airdrop Imminent as Explorer Unveils Data Dashboard

Voyager, the official blockchain explorer, released a data dashboard dedicated to the STRK airdrop. This strongly suggests the much-anticipated distribution of StarkNet’s native token is on the horizon.

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A lady sitting in front of a computer and a banner written "We're Hiring"

U.S. Job Market Surprises with Strong Non-Farm Payrolls Growth, Unemployment Rate Stays Put

The U.S. job market defied expectations in January with a significant increase in non-farm payrolls and a steady unemployment rate, suggesting continued economic momentum despite ongoing challenges.

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Jamie Dimon and a Bitcoin logo

JP Morgan CEO Claims Bitcoin Creator Will Increase Supply

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon has stirred controversy by asserting that Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, will defy the cryptocurrency’s fundamental principles and increase its supply beyond the established limit of 21 million coins. This unexpected claim has triggered outrage within the Bitcoin community, with many dismissing Dimon’s statements as baseless and an attempt to manipulate the market.

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HAYES, bitcoin logo and a bank building

Arthur Hayes Writes On Bitcoin ETF Approval and the Unraveling of Traditional Finance

In a stark analysis, BitMex founder Arthur Hayes unveils the seismic impact of the imminent approval of a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Tracing the roots of Bitcoin’s emergence as a financial lifeline outside traditional systems, Hayes navigates through the financial crises of the past, highlighting Bitcoin’s resilience in the face of adversity.

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