FIXED FLOAT banner and a hooded hacker

FixFloat Exchange Reports Major Hack, Loss of Millions in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Cryptocurrency exchange FixFloat has disclosed a significant hack resulting in the loss of 409 Bitcoin (approximately $21.17 million) and 1,728 ETH (approximately $4.85 million). The stolen funds were transferred to suspicious addresses, prompting concerns over the platform’s security. While FixFloat confirmed the breach on Twitter, they have yet to provide detailed information, stating that they are actively working to address vulnerabilities and enhance security measures. Despite the setback, the exchange assures users that their service will soon be operational again, promising further updates on the investigation in due course.

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A hacker and the Somesing banner

South Korean Blockchain Platform Somesing Loses $11.58 Million to Hacker

South Korean cryptocurrency platform Somesing has experienced a significant security breach resulting in the theft of approximately $11.58 million worth of its native token, SSX. Around 730 million SSX tokens were stolen, with a notable portion being held by the Somesing Foundation. The platform suspects professional hackers specialized in targeting cryptocurrencies were involved.

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Socket banner background with a hacker sitting in front of a computer and the word "Recovery" written on a road with sunlight gleaming in mid morning

Socket protocol retrieves most of the ETH lost in hack

On February 16, 2023, a hacker exploited a vulnerability in the Socket Finance protocol to steal over $4.6 million in ETH. However, thanks to the quick action of a white hat hacker, most of the stolen funds were recovered within 24 hours. A recent update by the Socket team says that most of the funds have been retrieved.

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A stealer virus image trying to touch the solana logo

Solana Users Lose $4 Million in A Month As Hackers Exploit Vulnerabilities

A chilling shadow has lurked over the Solana network for the past month, as scammers infiltrated over 4,000 wallets, draining them of a staggering $4 million in digital assets, according to data from blockchain security firm ScamSniffer. These attacks exploit vulnerabilities in transaction simulations, highlighting the ever-present need for vigilance in the cryptosphere.

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Wise token qwl stabbed with a sword and a flawed code in the background

Wise Lending Exploited for $464K Through Share Accounting Flaw

A flaw in Wise Lending’s share accounting logic gifted 177 ETH (~$464K) to the attacker, raising concerns about DexFi platform security and reinforcing the need for robust vulnerability assessments.

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SEC logo and twitter icon with the word "hack" witten on it

The SEC’s Twitter Account Breach and The Lesson in Cybersecurity

In a recent development, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) acknowledged a security breach involving its official Twitter account, @SECGov. The incident, occurring earlier this week, did not compromise the SEC’s internal systems but rather involved an unauthorized individual gaining control of a phone number associated with the account through a third party.

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Hacker stealing bitcoins

Crypto Hacks Fall by More Than 50% in 2023 as Security Tightens

Thre has been a significant reduction in the volume of funds stolen by hackers from players in the crypto industry. This report analyzes the reason for the drop.

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