EU parliament building and cryptocurrencies

EU Votes to Ban Cryptocurrency Payments to Hosted Wallets in New AML Law

The EU Parliament’s lead commission has greenlit new AML laws, including a ban on cryptocurrency payments to “hosted wallets” via unidentified self-custody wallets. Patrick Breyer and Gunnar Beck, the two dissenting voices, expressed concerns over the potential impact on financial freedom and the efficacy of such measures in combating crimes. Historically, EU citizens have opposed cash payment prohibitions, emphasizing the importance of anonymity in financial transactions and questioning the effectiveness of such restrictions in curbing criminal activities.

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AI coin

European Union Approves First Legislation to Regulate Artificial Intelligence

The European Union has enacted the world’s first law to regulate the artificial intelligence business. The founder of Bitcoin Fog, Roman Sterlingov, was convicted on money laundering charges. Meanwhile, major financial institutions have completed a pilot test using the Canton Network blockchain. Here are three key happenings that have impacted the bitcoin market during the last 24 hours.

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