chatGPT and a flowchart

ChatGPT Introduces Flowchart and Diagram Creation Feature

ChatGPT now offers a revolutionary feature: Flowchart and Diagram Creation. Gone are the days of spending countless hours crafting visuals for presentations or research papers. With ChatGPT’s new capability, users can quickly generate detailed flowcharts and diagrams to illustrate complex processes or concepts. From outlining project steps to visualizing intricate workflows, ChatGPT streamlines the creation process, saving users valuable time and effort.

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Canto blockchain flyer

Canto Blockchain Announces Cyclone Stack for Enhanced Performance

The cryptocurrency industry has seen substantial growth today. Canto Blockchain, located in Cosmos and planning to transfer to the Polygon ecosystem, has introduced the “Cyclone Stack,” which aims to scale and improve performance. The Cyclone Stack will contain enhancements that will allow the Blockchain to grow and run more efficiently.

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