Coinbase banner and Bitcoin SV logo beside a thrash can

Coinbase Discontinues Support for Bitcoin SV (BSV), Liquidates User Holdings

Coinbase liquidates and removes Bitcoin SV (BSV) from its platform, concluding support and converting user holdings to another unspecified digital asset. This move further emphasizes the evolving nature of crypto offerings and Coinbase’s strategic selection of assets based on internal criteria.

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Ark Invest Management office and a Cboe banner with the word "boom" inscribed and an explosion image

Bitcoin Boom! Spot ETFs Set to Debut on CBOE, Sending Crypto Market Buzzing

Hold onto your crypto wallets, because a groundbreaking moment is on the horizon! The Chicago Board Options Exchange (@CBOE) has just announced the imminent launch of Bitcoin Spot ETFs, set to commence trading tomorrow. This revelation has sparked widespread excitement within the crypto community, marking a significant milestone for Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market.

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Bitcoin SV banner

Bitcoin SV Surges 65% in a Day as Korean Traders Pile In

Bitcoin SV (BSV) unleashed a jaw-dropping 65% rally in a single day, leaving onlookers bewildered and market analysts scrambling for explanations. Fueled by a sudden surge in buying pressure from South Korean traders, the once-beleaguered cryptocurrency catapulted from $42 to a dizzying high of $69 before settling back slightly. The unexpected eruption fueled speculation about renewed interest in BSV’s contentious hard fork of Bitcoin and its claims of superior scalability and transaction processing power. However, some remain cautious, attributing the surge to potential market manipulation or short-squeeze dynamics within the Korean exchanges.

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