Butane and Cardano

Charles Hoskinson Reacts to BUTANE’s $ADA Fundraising Success

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently commented on the remarkable achievement of BUTANE, a project built on the Cardano blockchain, raising a staggering $49.5 million in ADA. Hoskinson’s remarks come amid discussions about the growing prominence of projects on the Cardano ecosystem.

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Uniswap banner and username space in computer

Uniswap Users Rush to Claim Over 100K uni.eth Usernames

The Uniswap community is buzzing with excitement as over 100,000 uni.eth usernames have already been claimed. To secure your unique uni.eth username and personalize your profile, download the Uniswap mobile app today.

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Parachute airdrop

WuBlockchain Identifies Major Projects Planning Airdrops in 2024

The WuBlockchain team has identified several major blockchain projects planning airdrops in 2024, including zkSync, LayerZero, Magic Eden, EigenLayer, Berachain, Taiko, Blast, Aevo, Puffer Finance, EtherFi, Backpack, and Friendtech. These initiatives span various areas of blockchain technology, from Layer 2 scaling solutions to decentralized finance (DeFi) and interoperability projects.

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blockchain decentralization

Ethereum is The Most Decentralized Among Top Blockchains – Analyst

In a recent analysis, conducted by blockchain analysts, Ethereum emerges as the most decentralized among the top blockchains. This assessment comes as a result of evaluating various key factors contributing to decentralization across major blockchain networks. Ethereum’s robust network of validators, diverse client ecosystem, absence of permissioned elements, and active community participation contribute to its leading position in decentralization. This recognition underscores Ethereum’s resilience and underscores its pivotal role in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem and broader blockchain landscape.

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A whale and USDT coin in the background

Suspected Justin Sun Address Moves $500 Million USDT in a Massive Whale Movement

A cryptocurrency address potentially linked to Justin Sun, founder of Tron and the Huobi Global exchange, reportedly withdrew a massive $500 million USDT from the DeFi platform JustLend before transferring it to HTX. This significant transaction, flagged by Whale Alert, has sparked speculation about Sun’s motives and potential impact on the cryptocurrency market.

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Eigenlayer banner and an ethereum logo

DWF Ventures Provides Insight into LRT Protocol Growth and Farming Opportunities

DWF Ventures delves into the rapid growth of the Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) protocol, revealing a staggering eightfold increase in Total Value Locked (TVL) to reach $3.3 billion over the past month. The overview encompasses statistics for 14 projects, including Etherfi, Puffer, and KelpDao, offering insights into assets, project stages, TVL metrics, and potential airdrop opportunities. With attention shifting back to Ethereum ahead of EIP-4844, the focus intensifies on @eigenlayer and restaking, paving the way for an exploration of the LRT ecosystem and emerging farming prospects.

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The SEC banner and gavel

SEC Adopts New Rule to Regulate Crypto Market Participants

The SEC’s new rule tightens its grip on the crypto market by requiring significant market makers, including those dealing with cryptocurrencies, to comply with federal securities laws. This move has implications for transparency, investor protection, and the evolving DeFi landscape.

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Airdropping packages with parachutes

Shimmer Launches $1 Million Airdrop to Boost ShimmerEVM Ecosystem

The Shimmer Growth Committee is incentivizing participation in the ShimmerEVM ecosystem with a massive airdrop of over $1 million worth of Shimmer tokens. Starting January…

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A hacker in the background of the Abracadabra Finance website image

Hacker Drains $6.4 Million From Abracadabra Finance in a Recent Security Breach

Abracadabra Finance, a DeFi platform, has suffered a security breach resulting in a loss of over $6.4 million. The attack exploited a flaw in the platform’s smart contract, allowing the attackers to borrow tokens without collateral.

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A marker pen ticking on paper and Coinbase banner at the foreground

Coinbase Adds Aerodrome AERO and Velodrome VELO to Its Listing Roadmap

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has added two new digital assets, Aerodrome Finance (AERO) and Velodrome Finance (VELO), to its coin listing roadmap. This move signals the exchange’s commitment to diversifying its offerings and catering to emerging trends within the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

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