Anime banner and two clasped hands

Arbitrum Foundation, Azuki, and Weeb3 Foundation Join Forces to Launch AnimeChain

Arbitrum Foundation, Azuki, and Weeb3 Foundation have announced a collaborative effort to introduce AnimeChain, a blockchain-powered anime network. AnimeChain seeks to engage anime enthusiasts in the web3 space by offering a diverse range of content, games, merchandise, and NFTs.

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buterin and X logo

Autism Capital Urges Vitalik Buterin to Return to Twitter Amidst Debate Over Engagement

Autism Capital, a prominent voice in the crypto community, has called for Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin to return to Twitter (referred to as “X” in the conversation) rather than isolating himself on a decentralized platform. They argue that engaging with a larger community on Twitter would allow Buterin to have a greater influence and impact on the culture war surrounding Ethereum.

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