A computer in a dark room with the Binance logo showing on the screen

Binance Denies User Data Leak, Assures Users of Account Security

Responding to concerns on social media, Binance denies a user data leak involving KYC information, assuring users of account security and attributing the claims to unfounded speculation. However, questions linger regarding the source of the alleged leak and its potential connection to previous security incidents.

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A man and a woman facing the setting sun by the beach with the word"SCAM" stamped on them

Romance Scam Training Kits Now Available on Dark Web

In a concerning development on the dark web, cybercriminals are capitalizing on a disturbing trend by offering ready-to-go pig-butchering scam kits, a fraudulent scheme that exploits victims emotionally before leading them into a potential financial disaster.

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A syringe and drugs on a laptop keyboard

Dark Web Drug Kingpin Surrenders $150 Million in Crypto

Banmeet Singh, a 40-year-old Indian national, has confessed to operating a large-scale drug network on the dark web with global reach. His narcotics enterprise spanned continents and involved the sale of controlled substances to a global clientele.

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