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Grayscale Introduces Dynamic Income Fund Catering to Accredited Investors

In a move to expand its suite of investment offerings, Grayscale Investments, a leading digital currency asset manager, has announced the launch of its new Dynamic Income Fund tailored specifically for accredited investors.

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OKX API Failure Causes Confusion: Account Balances Erratic, Thousands of Users Affected

The OKX API experienced a sudden failure, causing chaos among users as account balances fluctuated wildly. Some balances showed zero, while others surged to millions, affecting traders across multiple countries. Traders expressed frustration over losses due to inaccurate position data obtained through the API.

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Bitcoin Halving: A Milestone in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The Bitcoin ecosystem cuts Bitcoin supply by 50% through the quadrennial Bitcoin halving event. This phase results in a 50% decrease in income for Bitcoin miners and has indirect implications for cross-chain interoperability. The Bitcoin halving event, which happens about every four years, is expected to reduce block rewards for Bitcoin miners.

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