A syringe and drugs on a laptop keyboard

Dark Web Drug Kingpin Surrenders $150 Million in Crypto

Banmeet Singh, a 40-year-old Indian national, has confessed to operating a large-scale drug network on the dark web with global reach. His narcotics enterprise spanned continents and involved the sale of controlled substances to a global clientele.

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He Yi and Binance logo

Binance Co-founder and CZ’s Wife Yi He Issues Warning Over a Recurring Scam

Binance co-founder Yi He has issued a warning to users about a scam that is using her name and likeness on LinkedIn. Scammers are creating fake accounts that appear to be genuine, and then using them to contact users and attempt to trick them into revealing personal information or sending money.

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Devin Finzer, Opensea CEO and the Opensea logo

OpenSea Eyes Potential Acquisitions, Leaving its Crypto Future Uncertain

The world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, might be changing hands. CEO Devin Finzer revealed they’ve received acquisition interest and remain open to the possibility, though actively seeking buyers. This news sends ripples through the already volatile crypto space, leaving questions about OpenSea’s future leadership and the broader NFT landscape.

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Google banner and Ethereum price data at its base and the word "Policy" written on it

Bitcoin ETFs Set to Dominate Google Search With New Policy Update

Google has a policy update scheduled for January 29 to allow some crypto products to be advertised. Crypto market speculates that Bitcoin ETF ads could feature as issuers double down on commercials. Financial products that allow investors to trade shares in trusts holding large pools of digital currency qualify for Google’s selection criteria.

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Core Scientific and Nasdaq banners

Bitcoin Miner, Core Scientific Relists on Nasdaq After Bankruptcy

Core Scientific, a Bitcoin mining and hosting solutions provider, is set to resume trading on Nasdaq after completing its Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. The company plans to relist its shares and has implemented a restructuring plan to cut $400 million in debt.

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crypto tokens with the image of a bull drawn on them

 Bitcoin ETF Approval Boosts Ethereum and Other Crypto Tokens

The SEC’s approval of the first-ever spot Bitcoin ETFs has sent the crypto market into a frenzy, with Ethereum and other crypto stocks surging to new highs. Bitcoin fell by 3% in 24 hours, but Ethereum rose by 8.1% in 24 hours, close to $2,450, reaching a nineteen-month high. Other crypto stocks such as LDO, RPL, ARB, OP, MKR, AAVE and ETC also gained momentum.

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SEC logo and Otteroooo twitter profile picture

Otterooo: A Crypto Sleuth Who Claims to Beat the SEC in Finding Scams

Otterooo is a Twitter account that posts threads about various topics related to crypto, defi, and scams. Otterooo claims to have a great track record…

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SEC chairman, Gary Gensler with a twitter icon in the background

Gensler’s Crypto Warnings Seen as Prelude to Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has issued another cautionary message to crypto investors, urging them to be wary of the risks involved in crypto asset securities. This is the second day in a row that Gensler has tweeted such a warning, sparking speculation that he is preparing the market for a possible approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF.

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SEC Chair Warns Crypto Investors of Risks and Fraud Amid ETF Hopes

Gary Gensler, the head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, tweeted a cautionary message to crypto investors, reminding them of the legal uncertainties and potential scams in the crypto market. His tweet came as the crypto community is eagerly anticipating the approval of a spot bitcoin ETF by the SEC.

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Reporter and SEC logo with gavel

SEC, Stock Exchange Officials Meet Ahead of Potential Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission met with major exchanges yesterday to discuss the pending applications for Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds, according to people familiar with the matter.

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