Cryprocurrencies and a hooded hacker

US-UK Crackdown Targets Gaza Now and London Businesses Linked to Crypto Terrorism

The US and UK authorities have intensified their crackdown on entities associated with financing terrorism through cryptocurrencies following the October 7th attacks on Israel. This week, the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the UK’s Office of Foreign Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) imposed new sanctions on two individuals and three entities. The sanctions are linked to their alleged involvement in fundraising for Hamas, the Palestinian Sunni Islamist political entity.

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Hacker stealing bitcoins

Crypto Industry Sees 23% Decrease in Hacking Losses During Q1

In a promising turn of events for the crypto industry, reports indicate a significant decline in hacking-related losses during the first quarter of the year. According to data compiled by leading cybersecurity firms, losses incurred due to hacking activities within the crypto space have decreased by 23% compared to the previous quarter.

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