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Federal Judges Cast Doubt on XRP’s Non-Security Status

The ruling issued in July 2023, which designated XRP as a “non-security” in secondary market transactions, is encountering challenges. Concerns have been raised by two federal judges regarding the application of the Howey Test to XRP, suggesting that the token might be deemed an unregistered security.

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Will Solana Continue Its Upward Trend?

Solana’s native cryptocurrency SOL has been on a continuous upward trajectory over the past three days, rising from approximately $180 to surpass $210. However, a subsequent pullback occurred, causing the price to dip below the $200 mark. As of the time of writing, the SOL coin price has settled at $197. The question arises: Can SOL coin attain a new all-time high from this point onward?

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Bitcoin Orderbook Insights Point Towards Imminent ATHs, Analysts Say

Bitcoin Munger’s analysis of Bitcoin orderbooks reveals intriguing insights into market dynamics, with sellers shifting liquidity to the $70,000 level while sidelined buyers await lower price levels. Munger predicts imminent all-time highs as Bitcoin’s bullish momentum continues to gain traction.

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