Estonia flag and crypto coins

Estonia Enacts Tighter Regulations for Crypto Service Providers

Estonia, known as one of the world’s most sophisticated technological civilizations, is strengthening its hold on the Bitcoin industry. The government has adopted a measure that would require bitcoin service providers to report to the country’s Financial Supervision Authority beginning in 2026.

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DED flyer

DED Memecoin Sparks Community Outrage as Airdrop Allocation Decreased

In just a few days, the new Polkadot-based memecoin’s Telegram community had over 20,000 airdrop hunters. The airdrop of the new Polkadot-based memecoin, DOT is $DED (DED), sparked substantial community anger after the original allotment was lowered.

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Ethereum and scaling instruments

Ethereum ICO Whale Revives, Transfers 2000 ETH During Ongoing Recovery

An Ethereum (ETH) Initial Coin Offering (ICO) participant has resurfaced after more than 8.7 years of inactivity, sparking suspicion in the larger digital currency industry.

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Bitcoins and its all-time high chart

March Sees Unprecedented Movement of Vintage BTC

In recent days, bitcoin has regularly hovered above the $60,000 barrier throughout March. With its value skyrocketing, many long-term holders have begun to move large amounts of dormant bitcoins from wallets that haven’t seen activity in years. March has emerged as a critical month for transactions utilizing historical bitcoins.

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Bitcoin mining and coin

Bitcoin Halving: A Milestone in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The Bitcoin ecosystem cuts Bitcoin supply by 50% through the quadrennial Bitcoin halving event. This phase results in a 50% decrease in income for Bitcoin miners and has indirect implications for cross-chain interoperability. The Bitcoin halving event, which happens about every four years, is expected to reduce block rewards for Bitcoin miners.

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Cartooned monkeys

NodeMonkes Witnesses 53% Surge in Floor Price Amid Bitcoin Ordinals NFT Craze

NodeMonkes, Bitcoin’s finest NFT collection, has increased by more than 50% in the last 24 hours, surpassing Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) in market valuation. According to CoinGecko, NodeMonkes’ floor price increased by 53.3%, making it the second-largest NFT collection by market capitalization.

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Cardano owner and logo

Charles Hoskinson Affirms Cardano Hydra’s Progress Despite FUD

Cardano’s creator, Charles Hoskinson, addressed concerns about the development of Hydra. This layer-two scaling solution is designed to improve the Cardano blockchain’s transaction processing capacity. Despite concerns about its discontinuation, Hoskinson stated that Hydra’s development staff remains both productive and motivated.

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OKX flyer and logo

OKX Introduces OKX Jumpstart Mining for ZK Tokens from Polyhedra Network

OKX, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a new project dubbed OKX Jumpstart Mining. Beginning today, users may mine ZK coins from the Polyhedra Network. This project enables qualifying users to stake Bitcoin ($BTC) or Ethereum ($ETH) and get ZK tokens. OKX Jumpstart Mining provides 6,000,000 ZK tokens to cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to diversify their holdings and collaborate on innovative blockchain projects.

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Dencum upgrade depiction

Dencun Upgrade Activated On The Ethereum Mainnet Ushering a New Era of Scalability

The Ethereum mainnet has successfully implemented the anticipated Dencun upgrade, marking a pivotal moment in the platform’s evolution. With the activation of EIP-4844 and other key proposals, Ethereum enters a new phase of enhanced scalability and reduced gas fees, promising significant improvements for users and developers alike.

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Paradigm banner stamped FUNDS

Paradigm Nears Landmark Investment in Monad Labs, Eyeing Over $200 Million Funding Round

Paradigm, a leading venture capital firm, is currently in advanced discussions to spearhead a substantial funding round for Monad Labs. The investment, which is anticipated to exceed $200 million, is positioned to be one of the most significant funding rounds within the cryptocurrency sector for the year 2024. Founded in 2022 by two former employees of Jump Trading, Monad Labs entered the scene with an ambitious objective: to construct a high-speed Layer 1 (L1) blockchain platform aimed at outpacing Ethereum in terms of performance and scalability.

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