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Tether Treasury Transfers USDT Tokens to Bitfinex

Tether Treasury has conducted a significant transfer of 230,000,000 USDT tokens to the popular exchange, Bitfinex. This transaction, valued at approximately $229,956,875, has garnered attention within the crypto community due to its substantial volume and potential implications for the market.

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Bitfinex and Binance Successfully Thwart $15 Billion XRP Attack

Bitfinex and Binance emerged victorious against a potential $15 billion XRP attack orchestrated by an assailant exploiting a flaw in the XRP Ledger’s partial payments feature. The attacker sought to transfer a substantial XRP sum from an undisclosed wallet to the exchanges, aiming to manipulate the ‘delivered_amount’ data field. Both exchanges, Bitfinex and Binance, effectively thwarted the assault by adeptly handling the critical data field, safeguarding against a significant financial threat.

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tether and bitcoin logos titled: Tether's massive bitcoin profit

Tether Withdraws $379 Million Worth of Bitcoin from Bitfinex, Becomes Top 10 BTC Holder

Tether, the largest stablecoin issuer, has increased its bitcoin holdings by withdrawing 8888.88 BTC (about $379 million) from Bitfinex, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. According to Bitinfochart, Tether’s withdrawal has made it the tenth largest BTC holder, with a total of 66465.2 BTC ($2.82 billion) in its wallet. The average cost price of Tether’s bitcoin stash is $25,176, which means that the company has made a profit of $1.148 billion (+68%) from its bitcoin investment. Tether’s move comes amid growing scrutiny from regulators and investors over its reserves and transparency, as well as its influence on the cryptocurrency market.

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