VanEck Rewards NFT Community with Exclusive “Adventurer” Rarity

VanEck is rewarding its dedicated NFT community with a special treat! They have reserved a unique rarity tier of “Adventurer” NFTs from the upcoming SegMint project specifically for VanEck NFT holders. This exciting news was announced on the VanEck Community Twitter page, encouraging holders to get ready to claim their character.

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Bitcoin Orderbook Insights Point Towards Imminent ATHs, Analysts Say

Bitcoin Munger’s analysis of Bitcoin orderbooks reveals intriguing insights into market dynamics, with sellers shifting liquidity to the $70,000 level while sidelined buyers await lower price levels. Munger predicts imminent all-time highs as Bitcoin’s bullish momentum continues to gain traction.

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Bitcoin Approaching All-Time Highs, But Retail Participation Remains Low: Analyst

Bitcoin is on the brink of reaching all-time highs, but according to analyst Miles Deutscher, retail interest in the cryptocurrency market is still notably subdued. Despite the perception that it may be too late to join the Bitcoin frenzy, Deutscher suggests that retail investors are still in the early stages of participation.

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Bitcoin and BTCUSDT chart

Bitcoin Bull Market Target Raised to $200,000, Analysts Caution for Potential Reversal

Analysts have raised their target for the ongoing Bitcoin bull market cycle to $200,000, citing a recent surge in price that breached the upper boundary of a 15-month trading channel. This adjustment reflects optimism about further growth in Bitcoin’s value. However, caution remains high as analysts warn of the cryptocurrency market’s inherent volatility and the potential for a reversal if prices dip below recent lows.

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Uniswap banner and username space in computer

Uniswap Users Rush to Claim Over 100K uni.eth Usernames

The Uniswap community is buzzing with excitement as over 100,000 uni.eth usernames have already been claimed. To secure your unique uni.eth username and personalize your profile, download the Uniswap mobile app today.

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Bitcoin miners

US Department of Energy Suspends Miner Energy Survey Amid Lawsuit

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has agreed to temporarily suspend its mandatory survey of cryptocurrency miner energy use following a lawsuit by prominent miner Riot Blockchain and an industry group. The Energy Information Administration, the DOE’s statistical arm, will halt its survey and sequester the data received after initiating data collection from bitcoin miners earlier this month.

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Uniswap address

Uniswap Labs Introduces π™ͺπ™£π™ž.π™šπ™© as Unique Web3 Username

Uniswap Labs has unveiled a game-changing update, bidding farewell to 0x addresses and ushering in π™ͺπ™£π™ž.π™šπ™© – a unique web3 username. This transition simplifies crypto transactions and fosters web3 profile building, enhancing user experience and accessibility in the decentralized ecosystem.

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STARKNET airdrop

1,432,800 STRK Airdrops Valued at $3 Million Distributed to 1,361 Wallets Tracked to A Hunter

Lookonchain’s latest report reveals that potential airdrop participants received a total of 1,432,800 STRK tokens, equivalent to roughly $3 million. These tokens were distributed across 1,361 wallets. Notably, after receiving the airdrop, all 1,361 wallets transferred their tokens to the address 0x027c…719078.

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Crypto Rover

Influencer Crypto Rover Accused of Pump-and-Dump and Breach of Contract

An investigation has been launched into influencer Crypto Rover for alleged misconduct in promoting projects, misleading followers, and engaging in pump and dump schemes. In May 2023, Rover was contracted to promote a project but failed to fulfill his obligations despite receiving payment and a stake in the project. Concerns were raised by community members, including @Bravercrypto, highlighting the suspicious behavior observed in Rover’s actions. The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the risks of unethical behavior in the cryptocurrency industry.

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Ebay signboard stamped NFT

eBay Rethinks NFT Strategy Amid Web3 Team Layoffs

eBay is reportedly reassessing its approach to NFTs after making significant cuts to its Web3 division. According to NFTgators, more than 30% of the Web3 team has been laid off, including Stef Jay, the business and strategy officer. The relationship between eBay and KnownOrigin, a previously acquired NFT marketplace, has deteriorated, leading to the departure of David Moore, one of Knownorigin’s founders. As a result, eBay has suspended all digital art initiatives.

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