Larp Von Trier’s Astonishing $8.39 Million Base Gem Triumph

Base and Keyboard Cat

Larp Von Trier’s incredible journey on Base saw him turn 0.1 ETH ($353) into a staggering $8.39 million within just six days. Through strategic investment in $KEYCAT (Keyboard Cat), he achieved a remarkable gain of 23,770 times, showcasing the immense potential for significant returns in the cryptocurrency space.

The Search for Base Gems

Larp Von Trier turned 0.1 ETH ($353) into $8.39 million on Base within six days, achieving a gain of 23,770 times.

Starting on March 27, he announced his intention to search for Base gems with a market cap of less than $5,000. He purchased 1.3 billion $KEYCAT (Keyboard Cat), representing 13.16% of the total supply, with only 0.1 ETH.

Subsequently, he sold 344.7 million $KEYCAT for 497 ETH ($1.75 million) through two wallets, retaining 971.2 million $KEYCAT (9.71% of the total supply) across six wallets, now valued at $6.64 million.


Despite being an Ethereum gem hunter, Larp Von Trier did not profit from trading MEMEcoins on Ethereum, experiencing losses on $NORMIE and $NORMILIO before acquiring $KEYCAT. Some wallets associated with Larp Von Trier can be seen.

Reacting to his success, Larp Von Trier said,

“Aside Keyboard Cat, if I were in your shoes I would just buy top EETH memecoins as they are all going to bridge to Base at some point”

More Reactions

Reacting to the story, an X user named Leongo expressed amazement at the significant increase in liquidity from $5,000 to $1.7 million in just a few days, emphasizing the potential for substantial gains from a single successful investment.

Another user believes that Larp Von Trier could be involved in insider training, adding that his growing popularity could be a ploy to lure followers into helping other insiders associated with the tokens they promote.


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