Binance to Remove Two Spot Trading Pairs to Improve Trading Experience

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Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, has revealed plans to eliminate two spot trading pairs as part of its ongoing commitment to upholding a high-quality trading environment and safeguarding its users. Specifically, the GNS/BTC and XVG/TUSD trading pairs will be delisted from Binance Spot.

GNS/BTC and XVG/TUSD to Be Removed from Binance Spot

The removal of the GNS/BTC and XVG/TUSD spot trading pairs from Binance is scheduled for March 29th at 06:00 AM (UTC), according to the announcement made by the exchange. However, this action will not impact the availability of Gains Network (GNS) and Verge (XVG) on Binance Spot.

Binance has clarified that its decision to remove the GNS/BTC and XVG/TUSD spot trading pairs stems from regular reviews assessing factors such as liquidity and trading volume. The exchange aims to maintain a robust and efficient trading experience for all alternative cryptocurrencies listed on its platform.

Even though Binance will be discontinuing the GNS/BTC and XVG/TUSD spot trading pairs, users will still have the option to trade these altcoins through alternative trading pairs provided by the exchange. This ensures that users can continue to engage in buying and selling the base and quote assets associated with the removed spot trading pairs.

Spot Trading Bot Service to Be Discontinued as Well

Furthermore, Binance will cease its Spot Trading Bot service for the GNS/BTC and XVG/TUSD spot trading pairs concurrently. Users who utilize these Spot Trading Bots are advised to take action by either updating or cancelling their bots prior to the cessation of services to mitigate potential losses resulting from the removal of these spot trading pairs.

The removal of spot trading pairs is a standard procedure implemented by cryptocurrency exchanges to uphold the integrity and efficiency of their trading platforms. Cryptocurrency exchanges often delist trading pairs with low liquidity and trading volume in order to streamline their offerings and prioritize assets that cater to the preferences and requirements of their user base.

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