US Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Calls Crypto “Best” Inflation Hedge

RFK with a crowd of supporters

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a 2024 US Presidential candidate, has described Bitcoin as the “best hedge against inflation.” Indeed, Kennedy turned to X (previously Twitter) to voice his support for the digital asset market. In the post, he emphasized the asset’s importance in transferring “control away from the government” and the financial system.

RFK Jr. Calls Crypto “Best” Inflation Hedge

RFK Jr. described the asset class as an “off-ramp to our addiction to the Federal Reserve.” Finally, the Presidential candidate concluded the article with the phrase “Crypto equals freedom,” emphasizing the importance of the industry in his overall campaign as the election year approaches.

This year is going to be extremely critical for the United States. That will mostly include presidential elections, with a slew of critical political concerns at the forefront of this election cycle. Among them are the increasing popularity of Bitcoin and Capitol Hill’s stance on the asset class.

In a recent article, US presidential candidate RFK Jr. described cryptocurrencies as the “best hedge against inflation.” Indeed, he emphasized the value of the freedom that the market may provide for everyday Americans. Overall, he emphasized the significance of moving authority away from established financial groups.

Government and Money Printing

Kennedy states that the government and banking sector “uses money printing to shift wealth upwards to the oligarchy of billionaires while impoverishing regular Americans.” Furthermore, he emphasizes the role that cryptocurrency plays in achieving the financial independence required to resist that reality.

RFK Jr. has not been bashful in sharing his thoughts on the asset class. He previously acknowledged owning Bitcoin and vowed to campaign for it if elected president. In October, he expressed his intention to guarantee “Bitcoin is protected,” and to put a stop to the White House’s attacks on the asset class.

The ongoing debate over the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has already elicited strong reactions from both sides, and the outcome of the election is expected to have far-reaching consequences for the country’s regulatory status in the digital asset market.

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