Solana’s Bonk Token Witnesses Significant Value Drop

Bonk token logo and coin

The popular smart contract platform Solana’s meme token Bonk (BONK) dropped 29% of its value last week as futures open positions plunged to their lowest level in 30 days. Since its inception, the meme currency has sparked widespread curiosity and has been one of the most depreciating cryptocurrencies in the last week.

Deep Dive into BONK’s Decline

The cryptocurrency price decrease is claimed to be caused by futures open positions falling to their lowest level in a month. According to Coinglass statistics, BONK’s open positions began to decrease on March 5 and have since fallen by 60%. A decline in the token’s open interest may suggest a fall in investor interest or involvement in its derivative market. This is frequently caused by shifts in investor mood and increased profit-taking or loss-mitigation activities.

Last week, when interest in meme tokens waned, their value fell. BONK’s weighted mood shifted negatively on March 16 and has subsequently recorded readings below zero. A negative weighted sentiment might suggest a general pessimistic trend among market players, which frequently leads to further decreases in a token’s value. Experts examining BONK’s price performance have highlighted that basic technical indicators support negative sentiment.

Technical Indicators for BONK

On the 24-hour chart, the Aroon Down Line for the meme token was 85.71%. This indicator is designed to assess the strength of cryptocurrency price trends and probable trend reversal points. An Aroon Down line near 100 might signals that the market is on a strong negative trend and that the most recent bottom hit very recently.

Additionally, BONK’s Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) was -0.03 at the time of writing. A CMF rating below zero indicates market weakness. This may suggest a decrease in liquidity flow, which frequently results in a continuing drop in a token’s value.

Furthermore, BONK’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicated a drop in demand for the meme token among spot market players. With RSI at 48.04, it may indicate that investors prefer to sell their tokens rather than acquire more.

Author: Simeon

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