Arthur Hayes Forecasts $10 Surge for Dogwifhat as Memecoin Frenzy Intensifies


Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has sparked enthusiasm in the crypto community by backing Dogwifhat, anticipating a $10 milestone amid rising memecoin fervour. As Hayes backs WIF, Galaxy Fox emerges as the next big thing, fueling excitement for early investment opportunities.

Dogwifhat reaching $10?

Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes frequently enters positions when others feel it is too late, and the markets save him.

This has happened many times before. When he entered Solana for $50, most experts felt it was the best. However, Hayes’ decision to ape has proved to be beneficial. Hayes, the former CEO of BitMEX, has more trading expertise than nearly anybody, and his method of assessing known momentum trades is practically unrivalled.

$10 dogwifhat ($WIF)? Arthur Hayes says yes, and if he is investing in memecoins, it suggests a second wave of memecoin fever will burst out in the following weeks. While Hayes stocks up on $WIF, this meme, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), is poised for big gains. Dogwifhat has taken over the Solana ecosystem and surpassed the previous favourite, $BONK. Arthur Hayes tweeted, ”The hat remains on as I count to $10. “LFG fam, are you $WIF me?” A big forecast from the former BitMEX CEO. Nonetheless, considering $WIF’s consistent upward trend and entire mindshare among on-chain degens, this aim looks quite plausible.

The fundraising campaign to install the WIF emblem on the Vegas Sphere was a success, generating $650,000 in just a few days. When this will become a reality is questionable. Still, $WIF has established its status as the market’s leading meme project this cycle, making it one of the best cryptos to buy right now.

Galaxy Fox: A 100X expedition?

Galaxy Fox is yet to trade on the open market, and anybody may join this ICO to learn how to acquire a new cryptocurrency before it is listed.

Getting a presale allotment of a memecoin before the second leg of memecoin craze breaks out is a dream scenario, as estimates predict that $GFOX will surge 100X in the coming six months.

Galaxy Fox’s hybrid nature, established tokenomics methodology, and market-wide macro variables all contribute to these excellent expectations. Blending a play-to-earn game with a traditional memecoin design has proven to be a successful tactic, with investments already exceeding $5 million.

Author: Simeon

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