Cardano (ADA) Faces Criticism and Uncertain Market Predictions

Cardano team, a UAE police officer and the Cardano logo

Overall, most cryptocurrencies are having a bad weekend. Friday’s sales sparked discontent. As of this writing, Bitcoin’s price is hovering around $66,000, and altcoins are highlighted in red. Cardano (ADA) has a little more problematic situation. So, what does existing data tell us about the ADA Coin?

ADA Coin Criticisms

Although Cardano added smart contract capabilities by the end of 2021, it has yet to meet expectations. While there are no tremendously popular apps on the network, Hoskinson is still busy with hundreds of issues other than Cardano, and the price is less than one dollar. Cardano’s creator is frequently chastised for taking year-round private jet vacations and squandering time on trivial stuff.

The network is not growing as quickly as anticipated, and it has been unable to attract the needed number of developers. Furthermore, despite the passage of time, DJED, which generated enthusiasm owing to its ability to lower the circulating quantity of ADA Coin, has not delivered as predicted.

When you focus on the empty side of the glass for an ADA Coin, it is quite difficult to view the entire side. This failure or disappointment was undoubtedly the result of a collaborative effort by the company’s founder and network engineers.

ADA Coin Predictions

Looking at the whole side of the glass, the number of wallets on the network increased from 533,000 to 618,000 as new investors entered the cryptocurrency market and there was a possible Cardano network airdrop frenzy. Let’s do a quick comparison: the Solana network recently achieved 800,000 daily active unique users. So, the size of the whole side is likewise determined by who we are comparing Cardano to.

Returning to price performance, the BTC decrease is clearly unfavourable for ADA Coin. Furthermore, the price has fallen from above $0.7 to $0.66, and this fast loss of hard-earned profits is also unfavourable.

Deeper declines for ADA Coin are likely if closures below $0.63 begin in the coming hours. The current prognosis does not appear favourable to investors. The $0.58-$0.48 area represents emergency support that can be achieved by aggressive selling. If the Bitcoin price falls below $65,000, ADA Coin investors’ desire to avoid risk may increase.

Author: Simeon

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