Canto Blockchain Announces Cyclone Stack for Enhanced Performance

Canto blockchain flyer

The cryptocurrency industry has seen substantial growth today. Canto Blockchain, located in Cosmos and planning to transfer to the Polygon ecosystem, has introduced the “Cyclone Stack,” which aims to scale and improve performance. Cyclone Stack will contain enhancements that will allow the Blockchain to grow and run more efficiently.

What Will Cyclone Stack Bring?

Cyclone Stack is intended to improve block times, boost store access rates, and establish new execution standards. There are three significant upgrades: Callisto, Kallichore, and Elara.

Furthermore, Cyclone Stack is intended to be completely interoperable with all EVM tools and applications. This refers to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which facilitates the execution of smart contracts by ensuring the interoperability of blockchains such as Canto with Ethereum and other chains.

Will the Platform Become More Effective?

According to the press release, this complete update package represents a significant step towards Canto’s high performance and scalability. Canto is improving the effectiveness of its platform for developers and consumers through these advancements.

The development comes after Canto announced in September that it will become a Layer-2 utilizing Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK). A Canto spokesman claimed that after developing their own Cyclone EVM, they want to interface with Polygon’s CDK and run ZK-provers to ensure network security.

Author: Simeon

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