FLOKI Meme Coin Continues Its Impressive Surge

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FLOKI has recently shown outstanding results in the cryptocurrency market. On Saturday, its price hit $0.000281, representing a weekly increase of more than 200% and a daily gain of 13%. This is especially relevant for major investors, since one wallet owner put 200.9 billion FLOKI tokens into an exchange, possibly earning $45 million.

FLOKI Meme Coin’s Upward Trend Continues

The burning of more than 190.9 billion tokens on Saturday has reinforced the rising trend of the meme currency FLOKI, indicating additional growth in the meme coin industry. FLOKI, also known as a meme currency, has experienced a considerable surge in market value, attracting the attention of investors.

The growth in FLOKI trading volume is a key signal for many investors. The 24-hour trading volume on Turkish exchanges Paribu and BTCTurk, as well as South Korea’s Bithumb, indicates that demand for FLOKI is increasing. It is worth noting that FLOKI has a greater 24-hour trading volume than other prominent cryptocurrencies. FLOKI’s trade volume has surpassed 2.7 billion dollars during the previous 24 hours.

A Major Wallet Holder’s $45 Million Profit

For FLOKI holders, the surge extends beyond only a price increase. There is also potential for profit within the meme currency itself. In particular, a significant investment by a prominent wallet holder in the exchange Gate.io indicates FLOKI’s potential. This investment has the potential to generate a profit of around $44.3 million if the wallet owner sells their assets and realize their profits.

Despite coordinated profit-taking by FLOKI holders, on-chain data show that the price of FLOKI is rising. The graph above, which depicts Santiment’s Network Realized Profit/Loss measure, provides insight into this predicament. The future of meme coins will be determined by the trajectory of the cryptocurrency market. If Bitcoin’s price trend continues horizontal, altcoins will continue to increase. However, if BTC swings lower, altcoin prices will fall. Let us add that the cryptocurrency market remains bullish.

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