DOGE and SHIB Rise to New Heights: KangaMoon Shows Potential


Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) both saw strong gains in February. The increase was prompted by a Bitcoin (BTC) spike, and a market-wide rally has pushed the value of meme currencies higher. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have reached yearly highs. Altcoin aficionados believe KangaMoon will benefit from the present bull market. The new meme coin has already garnered popularity and is aiming for 320% returns during its ongoing presale.

Can DOGE surpass $0.2?

The price of Dogecoin has increased by 90.67% in the previous seven days. Dogecoin is now trading at $0.1812 and is the world’s seventh-most-traded cryptocurrency. In the previous 24 hours, Dogecoin’s daily trade volume has surged by 54% to $7.82 billion.

This is the largest trading volume Dogecoin has seen since 2022, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the token reaches $0.2 within Q1. Recent Dogecoin developments indicate that DOGE is due for consolidation.

Dogecoin has collapsed following significant rallies. As a result, negative experts anticipate that Dogecoin will drop below $0.15 before continuing to increase.

SHIB is now the 5th most-traded cryptocurrency

Shiba Inu has reached multiple milestones after seeing a considerable price increase in the previous 24 hours. SHIB is now trading at $0.00003987, making it the 11th most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, trailing only Dogecoin.

This exponential rally has resulted in a tremendous increase in Shiba Inu’s daily trading volume. In the previous 24 hours, SHIB’s daily trading volume has surged by 224.20% to $13.57 billion. This makes Shiba Inu the world’s fifth most traded cryptocurrency, as well as the most traded meme coin. It’s unclear whether SHIB has what it takes to dethrone DOGE.

KangaMoon’s (KANG) second presale round sells out

KangaMoon is making news again after selling out during the second stage of its presale. The round sold out in record time, indicating that investors are incredibly confident in KangaMoon’s hybrid social-fi and P2E strategy.

This strategy encourages user participation within the KangaMoon community. Users will be rewarded for networking, and they will be able to complete weekly, monthly, and quarterly challenges to increase their revenues. Users will be able to profit from the start of the KangaMoon presale. Investors that assist in promoting KangaMoon will receive extra $KANG tokens, in addition to any buy incentives earned during presale periods.

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