Solana’s Price Surge Gains Momentum

Solana price chart

In the context of significant price swings, the popular cryptocurrency Solana (SOL) has risen sharply. SOL has continued to rise, earning an extra 5% in value during the previous 24 hours, hitting $145. As the popular cryptocurrency reaches the important threshold of $150, enthusiasm in the community grows.

Solana’s Price Rally

Santiment, a renowned on-chain data provider, believes that the $150 level marks a critical turning point for SOL. This level was last seen on January 16, 2022, and the popular cryptocurrency is now nearing it for the first time since then.

Despite increased expectations for Solana, experts note a lack of enthusiasm is normally linked to the fear of missing out (FOMO), which might lead to a weakening of the surge. However, past tendencies in the bitcoin market demonstrate that scepticism frequently works as a catalyst, driving prices upward. With Solana’s price approaching the important $150 price threshold, market analysts are watching for more developments to determine the price trend.

Rebound to Hit $200

Many market analysts anticipate a huge rebound in Solana, with some saying it could hit $200. The high trading activity of Solana-based memecoins such as Dogwifhat (WIF) is giving major support for SOL’s expected price surge.

Following the revelation of Pantera Capital’s attempt to fund $250 million to purchase all SOL assets of the insolvent cryptocurrency exchange FTX, prominent market participants have shown an increased interest in acquiring SOL at present rates.

Analysts Expect SOL to Refresh Record Highs

Despite the present rising trajectory, SOL is currently valued 43% below its previous all-time high (ATH) of $259, set in November 2021. Nonetheless, seasoned cryptocurrency analyst Altcoin Sherpa is optimistic about SOL’s future performance, predicting that it may outperform its prior ATH and create new milestones during the current market cycle.

While cryptocurrency Sherpa believes that SOL’s price will not reach a thousand dollars during the next bull run, he underlines that the cryptocurrency has enormous upside potential.

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