Crypto Super PAC Slams Katie Porter for Supporting Elizabeth Warren

Kathie Porter

As Super Tuesday came to a close, Congresswoman Katie Porter’s loss against Adam Schiff in the California Senate Primary was directly tied to her decision to support Senator Elizabeth Warren’s anti-crypto stance. Fairshake, the crypto super PAC that funded a $10 million ad campaign against Katie Porter, did not spare words in their post-election statement against her.

Fairshake Criticizes Katie Porter for Siding With Elizabeth Warren

According to Fairshake, “Katie Porter sided with Elizabeth Warren and against the 52 million Americans who own crypto.” Furthermore, they emphasized that Porter’s decision sealed her destiny on Super Tuesday. According to the crypto super PAC,

“Tonight, her choice ended her career in Congress.” With over 52 million Americans investing in the cryptocurrency market, including more than 8 million in California, the PAC warned that “the crypto voter is here.”

A Hurdle in the Political Arena

Urging politicians to pay attention, the statement emphasized, “The crypto voter cares whose side a candidate is on.” As the dust settles, Porter’s death serves as a sharp reminder of the crypto community’s increasing impact on determining political results. Furthermore, aligning with Senator Elizabeth Warren’s anti-crypto message may prove a hurdle in the political arena.

Previously, Fairshake spent $10 million on commercials against Katie Porter’s run for the US Senate in California. The plan was launched to ensure Schiff’s victory over Porter on Super Tuesday. Furthermore, the Fairshake PAC stated that it plans to raise $85 million in 2024 from notable personalities in the crypto world and allied organizations. The crypto super PAC seeks to assist politicians who promote progressive innovation and regulation.

Coinbase CEO’s Comments On Super Tuesday

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently emphasized the importance of Super Tuesday in advocating for crypto-related regulations, or the lack thereof, by federal authorities. Addressing a gathering at a crypto event in California organized by the Coinbase-backed political organization Stand With Crypto, Armstrong stressed the chance these primaries provide to send a clear message to Washington.

Crypto Acceptance for Politics

“They’re still not taking us seriously,” Armstrong said. In addition, he expressed the emotions held by digital asset aficionados. Furthermore, he commented on voters’ increased interest in cryptocurrency, indicating a noticeable shift in politics.

Furthermore, Armstrong said that the tide is shifting and that politicians will soon see the political benefits of adopting cryptocurrency. “Suddenly everybody in DC, is going to realize this is just good politics,” Armstrong said. Meanwhile, he predicted a paradigm shift in the corridors of power. He stated that politicians seeking political success will be required to accept blockchain technology.

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